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Made in Vancouver: 3 Local Designers for Your Home

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The architectural design community in Vancouver is changing the landscape of innovative real estate. The inspiration of internationalism has design firms focused on developing creations that are unique to a client’s personality. An appreciation of combining indoor and outdoor concepts has local homeowners changing the conventional ideal of comfort.

We are pleased to share reputable design firms in Vancouver that piqued our interest.

Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens

Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens is founded in 2014 and is a proud winner of the Designer of the Year from the National Kitchen and Bath Design Excellence awards. The firm's Bachelor Penthouse project is recognised for the Small Kitchen of the Year. The team finds inspiration in "designing contemporary outdoor spaces with attention to detail with an interior design theme."

Photo by Spencer Watson

A hot trend in Vancouver of outdoor designs is the concept of using an interior approach to create a presence of comfort.

We are currently working with a top graphic artist, Scott Sueme, to incorporate his artwork into outdoor designs,

says Matt Herbert, the firm's General Manager. Matt shared that the most common client requests for an indoor and outdoor appearance includes an outdoor design of functionality and colour is in high demand. Indoor designs include stainless steel high-end appliances, doors with vibrant colour and countertops.

The firm's goal is to expand its consumer-based territory in the future to the California market. Furthermore, the concept of signature modular designs shipped across North America is a way to share the Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens experience continent-wide.

Photo by Spencer Watson

Photo by Spencer Watson


Propellor is a studio-based company that started in 2000. It holds social and environmental aspects highly, crafting unique designed lighting with the use of furniture to spatial design and sculpture. In an interview with Propellor’s Partner and Designer Toby Barrett, he stated "everything we make is customised for the client. It allows us to lavish craft as an artisanal interior design model."

Lulu Lemon, The Museum of Vancouver and Architect Michael Green are just some of the reputable entities Propellor had the pleasure to work with. The team has also built beautiful single family residential homes and complexes working closely with Javier Campos at Campos Studio. Propellor’s creative interior design has been recognised with an award for the Applied Arts sponsored by the Government.

An innovative project of the company is hanging sculptures in residential homes. It has 15 years of light development experience, an exhibit of sculpture installations and a collection of 9 different lighting pieces with various models. Toby spoke about the importance of creating lasting pieces:

We continue to focus on sustainable designs with alternative options that tread lightly on the earth. Our goal is to create work that is meant to be passed down to the younger generation of the future.

Sustainability has fallen off the radar in the past 3 to 5 years.

Birdman the Welder

Shaun is the man behind Birdman the Welder with 15+ years using his imagination to build custom furniture, hot rods and choppers setting the business apart from competition:

I’ve always loved lowriders, hot rods, and choppers, so I got my welding tickets with big aspirations of having a hot rod shop.

The company offers customers an aesthetic experience with a Western Canadian style.

Photo by Jordan Aruthur

Birdman the Welder rose to popularity after renting a small space with his wife - and the rest is history. The team of welders and fabricators develop hand-crafted custom projects while working closely with clients. For 15 years the team has worked with local makers, and finishers using its family owned best practices. A secret to Birdman’s success is,

constantly learning new processes and surrounding myself with individuals who are better than me, which keeps me on my toes and reassures me there is much more to learn.

As a skilled trade creative, his most challenging project was a 17.5 feet staircase stringer for a new home build. The experience in building, finishing, and installation consisted of a new project scope. The team on site was supportive in working cohesively to complete a successful job for the client.

The industry embraces unique designs to your personality and overall home felt comfort. Be creative and let your imagination be the guide to what you desire.

Photo by Janis Nicolay and Tracey Ayton

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