Outdoor and Active Sports in Greater Vancouver

Vancouver is considered one of the world’s most desirable cities – a place filled with lush mountains, clean water, clean air and a variety of natural resources so abundant it boggles the mind. It is truly a city to be enjoyed by those of us who are fortunate enough to live here as well as anyone astute enough to visit. Beyond the expected multi-cultural advantages one normally associates with Vancouver, with just a bit of research the availability of a wide variety of sporting and recreational activities for residents and visitors alike becomes readily available. Vancouver, and the surrounding areas, offer the most varied natural terrain and newly constructed sporting facilities in North America. Within a few minutes drive one can be snowboarding in pristine mountains, surfing or tanning on any of a number of clean beaches, sailing on calm cool waters or enjoying a world class meal all within view of the lovely downtown area. Swimming (indoors and out), sailing, diving, fishing in lakes, rivers or ocean waters, soccer, football, rugby, tennis, and a host of snow sports are all available to visitors and local residents alike in some of the finest venues anywhere.

Jogging on a bright November morning by Ed Yourdon Jogging on a bright November morning by Ed Yourdon

The city of Vancouver itself is divided into the downtown area and the immediate surrounding environs. The downtown area is pretty much what you’d expect from any modern, North American west coast metropolis, but due to the fact that there is so much water in and around the city, water activities abound everywhere. There are 11 sandy beaches around Vancouver that are fine for swimming even when the weather gets a bit chilly. Extensively patrolled by well trained lifeguards during the summer months you’ll find it harder to park your car on the hotter days than to find a fun place to enjoy the sun, sand and water.

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The Perfect Place to Get Active

All in all, you’ll find no better place to live or visit than Vancouver if your idea of fun is savouring great food, taking in breathtaking scenery, enjoying friendly people and having the largest variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities anywhere in North America at your fingertips. For the more adventurous types, there’s always the Gulf Islands, a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay or Tsawwassen where you’ll find more rugged, challenging versions of outdoor sports than in and around Vancouver proper. And further north there’s always Whistler (or the "Switzerland" of North America, as it is referred to) - don't forget, the 2010 Winter Olympics are being hosted there – not just because it’s beautiful (which it is), but because of the unparallelled calibre of its sporting venues. No matter what your age, no matter what your sport, you’ll find it in and around Vancouver, and you will be satisfied - I guarantee it!

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