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Photo Essay: Best Vancouver Street Food

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With summer, there's always an abundance of food trucks and street food stands that pop up around Vancouver. Serving everything from gluten-free and vegan options, trough Mexican and ending by grilled cheese, Vancouver truly has an enormous scene available for every street food enthusiast.  If you are interested in trying the best of the best, we visited the most popular ones around Downtown and asked what you should taste from their menu. Here are the best street food trucks around Vancouver:

Arturo's Mexico To Go

Arturo's Mexico is a food truck, that is trying to bring traditional Mexican and Spanish fusion to Vancouver Downtown. Priding itself on not selling fast food, they craft their artisan food for busy urban professionals without taking any shortcuts.

They have been open for 9 years and according to staff they serve something for everybody and that makes them special:

It’s authentic Mexican healthy food. Many different options like gluten Free, vegan or vegetarian.

Visit their website for more information and the current location of their food truck.

Chickpea Truck

Chickpea is a Vancouver classic by now. They opened their food truck 4 years ago and since then opened their restaurant at 4298 Main Street.

All the food they serve is 100% vegan and delicious. They focus mostly on Mediterranean-inspired plant-based options. According to staff, their most sold and most popular item on the menu is Falafel & Kasum. You can find them at


Japadog, that sells Japanese style hotdogs, is a world-famous place by now visited by celebrities as well as busy working professionals around Vancouver. They run 4 trucks only in Downtown Vancouver and are still expanding.

Their most popular item, that was even listed as "one of the must-eat items around the world" is Kurobuta Terimayo Hotdog. It contains kurobuta sausage and terimayo sauce, topped with seaweed. Of course, if crazy combinations are not your style, you can see the whole menu on their website here.

Frying Pan

If you are in a mood for some fried comfort food, Frying Pan food truck is the place to go. Their goal is to serve the best friend chicken in town, as they say, front and centre on their website.

Using 100% free-run chicken from reputable local sources, they upped the quality and are constantly coming up with new combinations. They also serve Korean-style bowls and sandwiches to balance the fried goodness. The most popular item on the menu is their Spicy Chicken Burger.


Marimba is another from Vancouver's food trucks that serves Mexican. With focus on a different side of Mexican cuisine, away from tacos, serving empanadas and tortas -sandwiches. Is hot summer days they have lemonades and flower-infused waters that are also immensely popular.

One of the most popular pair is their hibiscus combo: Hibiscus water with hibiscus and cream cheese empanada. If you never tasted exotically flavoured Mexican food, this one is on the recommended list for sure.

Mom's Grilled Cheese

Who doesn't love grilled cheese, especially the one that taste like home-made one with a little flair?

Mom's Grilled Cheese truck sells grilled cheese, soups and other comfort foods that your mom would make as a quick dinner when you were little. Complete with photos of their family and friends for decor and friendly, smiling staff, this truck has it all to make you feel at home right in the middle of Vancouver's street. Make sure to pop in on Monday for their Monday Special: Meat Balls that are very popular. Find out more on their Facebook here.

If you need help tracking Vancouver's food truck scene and the position in the city, visit streetfoodapp and search for your favorite there.

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Ricardo VacasRicardo Vacas

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