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Vancouver Film Locations: Chinatown

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Chinatown in Vancouver is Canada's biggest Chinatown. It centres around Pender streets and spreads out towards financial and business districts. Once known for its neon signs, now it's more of a tourist attraction and the city of Vancouver is working on its restoration.

When it comes to TV and movies, it seems that comics characters love Chinatown the most. Here are all the ones shot in Chinatown:

The Flash

As we said in previous articles about filming locations, DC and CW tv loves Vancouver. Flash filmed in the vicinity of various Vancouver landmarks and the iconic Chinatown is no exception. Actually, it seems like The Flash is simply monopolizing the entire Downtown.

Legends of Tomorrow

Another CW's comics-inspired smash hit Legends of Tomorrow filmed in Vancouver's Chinatown. In fact, an iconic scene where Rip Hunter goes into sort-off a drunken vindictive rampage with Kid Flash filmed just outside Keefer street.


Supergirl has a long history of filming in Vancouver as well. If you look closely at the show, you can spot various Vancouver landmarks across the show.
In episode 21 of the second season, one of the most iconic scenes with Cat Grant, talking about our inner strength, being broadcasted across the sky of National City - the made-up home city of Supergirl- her face appears just above Vancouver's Chinatown. Cat delivered the inspirational speech that sparked the resistance movement and inspired the people even behind screens just near Shanghai Alley.

Another popular place is near Europa, where it's architecture works as outside of NCPD - a local task force in National City.


To end the DC comics inspired streek, Arrow also shot a couple of scenes in Chinatown. As the first DC tv show, they've been filming in Vancouver since the pilot episodes and seems like the CW will not be leaving anytime soon. In fact, from most of the Arrow shots set in Vancouver, they just might think we have the best streets for action sequences. And they would be right.


Let's talk about Marvel for a change. The all popular movie about the favourite red and black anti-hero was almost exclusively shot at Vancouver. The home of the main hero is even in the movie set near the Chinatown. The real Vancouver Chinatown was for weeks of filming blessed by stars like Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin or T.J. Miller.

The emotional scene where Deadpool follows his girlfriend Vanessa down the street, about to reveal her that he's alive but has a disfigured face, is shot actually at Keefer Street and Gore Avenue.


Zombie working in a morgue, solving murders? Yes, this show has it all.; Steady brain supply and a quirky plot. iZombie is another popular comic-inspired TV show that shoots in Vancouver.

You can recognise the streets of Chinatown in various exterior shots from the show. It seems that Seattle has officially moved to Vancouver for iZombie.

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