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Most Amazing Luxury Homes in Vancouver

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The West Coast isn't adorned with the sobriquet of "beautiful" without due cause. The West has its problems, but the picturesque views are compelling. The Rocky Mountains that extend high off in the distance, on some days, seem like fictitious towers of rock. With the gleaming water enveloping the coastline, just gazing into an inlet or vast ocean gives you a sense of historic allure as you watch the boats anchor.

Among all this are the people, the parks, and of course the rain — though not to be overstated as accompanies four distinct seasons that make every holiday or get-together feel distinct and traditional.

Vancouver is an amazing place that also offers amazing homes. We picked the top 3 amazing luxurious private mansions in Vancouver and took a sneak peek for you.

5695 Newton Wynd  front5695 Newton Wynd Sneak Peek

5695 Newton Wynd - Gardens and Ocean Views 

8 bedrooms
13 bathrooms

Located in the University District, just a short step from the University of British Columbia, Newton Wynd estate is a legendary property. It was designed by architect Ernest Collins and built in the mid-1990s by master artisans at G Wilson Construction. This firm has has its hand in building several of Vancouver's top residences.

5695 Newton Wynd  entrance5695 Newton Wynd Surveilled Entrance

The layout and structure of the home are unique in its surroundings, with the spectacular ocean view and North Shore mountains nestled in a backdrop that is simply breathtaking through the seasons. And let's not forget the sculpted gardens and lush green in and around the property that truly capture the provincial beauty year-round.

5695 Newton Wynd  stairs5695 Newton Wynd Stairs Wind Though the Garden

Assessed at $25.295 million in 2014, the estate is well within BC's top five most valuable homes. The suspected owner is Larry Yung, owner of China's International Trust and Investment Corporation. He is among the nation's wealthiest (the billionaire club). This palatial home is a statement-maker, an estate that showcases all the West Coast can offer within eyesight of the residence's several balconies.

4707 Belmont Avenue - James Bond Would be Envious

10 bedrooms
17 bathrooms

Assessed at close to $46 million, this 2007 property is the most valuable plot of land on Vancouver's prestigious Belmont Avenue — which is home to several top-class properties. But 4707 Belmont sits apart, with 25,000 square feet of seclusion looking out on the Spanish Banks, Howe Sound, the North Shore mountains, and of course Vancouver. The views are nothing short of stunning.

4707 BelmontOne of Several 4707 Belmont Avenue's Gates

The Sun reported that architect Russell Hollingsworth designed and built the mansion for a reclusive owner from Ontario, though a confidentiality agreement prevented Hollingsworth from going in to too much detail. Certainly, what's definitive about the home is the privacy it affords.

4707 Belmont  windows4707 Belmont Avenue's Many Terraces

The driveway trails away behind a gigantic green floral, offering just a glimpse of 4707 Belmont and a stunning sample of the scenic background. The private residence boasts a whopping 17 bathrooms, 13,000 square foot lap pool, a squash court, and a 665 square foot porch. Only an aerial shot can really do justice to the size of this home.

4707 Belmont front gate and peering through the fence4707 Belmont Avenue Front Gate and Peeking Through the Fence Into the Gardens

The only thing odd about the locale is the unkempt roadway and sidewalk, which awkwardly contrasts with the beautiful homes adjoining the concrete. They could at least provide proper paving, no?

4707 Belmont  neighborhood  trails that leads down to beach area4707 Belmont Neighbourhood Trail Leads Down to the Beach Area

3489 Osler Street - A Mansion Proper

Unknown number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

This Osler Street home, with an assessed value $21,294,000 (BC Assessment) is one of Vancouver's most expensive properties as of 2014. The luxurious home was built by G Wilson Construction and designed by architect Ernest Collins. Located in the prestigious Shaughnessy neighbourhood, the 19,000 square foot home, set on a 1.2 acre lot, is stunning. It includes multiple wings: an indoor pool wing, a guest wing, and even a garage wing if collecting cars is your thing. Just ten years ago, the Leung family erected this home to establish, at that time, the record for the costliest residential home, built at $17 million in total.

3489 Osler fence3489 Osler Grand Front Gate
3489 Osler window and sidewalksEvery Detail Has to Be Right at 3489 Osler Street

But the home is not without great company, which makes this diamond among diamonds an even more alluring purchase, given the lifestyle it affords. 3489 Osler Street went on the market in 2007 at a $25 million tag, which established a three-way tie for the most expensive home ever listed in BC. The property is spectacular, with manicured lawns on a secluded property difficult to catch from the street. This beautiful home offers the most amazing luxury to offer those with the dough.

3489 Osler3489 Osler Street is Difficult To Capture From the Street

Simply amazing

These Vancouver homes are among the province's top five most expensive, but it's not simply the price tags that make these residences a few of Vancouver's most amazing estates. The design and artisanship, from the interior throughout to landscaping the acreages, is what's remarkable — not to mention the picturesque views and access to amenities. When you're in these neighbourhoods, cycling or driving through, try to take a peek at some of Vancouver's finest homes.

3489 Osler lampThe Big Brother Watches at 3489 Osler Street


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  1. Renee Fahey

    Thank you for this sneak peek but the quality of the article would be much higher if we could see what’s inside: I’m sure that the interiors and gardens are breathtaking, too (especially in the case of 3489 Osler Street).

  2. boredinvancouver

    When I worked in a cleaning company I got to go into a lot of really expensive and massive homes. They are so unnecessary. 5 of the 10 bathrooms were never used, 6 of the 8 bedrooms were never slept in.

    We should knock down all these giant unnecessary homes and make condos.

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