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Photo Essay: The Flea Markets Of Vancouver

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Low prices and some dusty vintage stuff – probably that is what comes to your mind while hearing the term 'flea market'. This word's meaning changed a lot from its unpleasant origin which referred to Paris's shabby second-hand markets where used furniture was often inconveniently full of certain blood-sucking parasites. Today, it is a place where vendors come to sell or trade their goods, mainly vintage, but also various new handmade items. Since we have a great variety of regular thrift events, our photo essay is documenting the vibrant atmosphere of Vancouver's most popular flea markets. Have a look into the city's best resources for everything (not only) old and stylish!

1The visitors love handmade and recycled itemsThe visitors love handmade and recycled items

Eastside Flea Market

Address: Wise Hall, 1882 Adanac Street

Once a month, the Wise Hall turns to an exciting place where handmade and recycled items, records or clothing change owners. Launched in March 2013, The Eastside Flea Market has grown quickly and brought a fresh twist to Vancouver's local shopping scene. There are mainly modern and affordable items on offer in the $1-$150 price range, but most vendors sell in the $10-$20 area. As the founders, Jull and Linda noted, the idea was to create a modern, community-based event with a good mix of carefully curated vendors so each market can be completely different.

3Welcome to the Eastside Flea MarketWelcome to the Eastside Flea Market 

The Eastside Flea also brings a few market events around Vancouver every month: the next one is the UBC Market on November 12-13, and the traditional Wise Hall Flea is returning on the 22nd of November so these are perfect choices if you want to start your Christmas shopping early. Keep yourself updated about their news by following the Eastside Flea's website or Facebook page!

2Dont be afraid to haggle on the priceDon't be afraid to haggle on the price 
4Wooden Vintage StuffWooden Vintage Stuff
5The EntranceThe Entrance
6Thematic Halloween Decorations Creepy Halloween Decorations
7Henna painting at the X Pressions Esthetique standHenna painting at the X Pressions Esthetique stand
8Apples from the OkanaganApples from the Okanagan
9Eastside Flea is a real community marketThe Eastside Flea is a real community market

Vancouver Flea Market

Address: 703 Terminal Avenue
Phone: 604-685-0666

Taking place in a red industrial building also known as the "Big Red Barn", the Vancouver Flea Market is in operation since 1983.


We are the largest covered market in the lower mainland for all year long yardsale. The market is close to 40,000 sqft with 360 tables under one roof and approximately 4000 visitors per weekend

refers the official website. We went in to see whether that holds true and, as you can see on the photos, there's really a lot of stuff to go through.

11Vancouver Flea Market on 703 Terminal AveVancouver Flea Market on 703 Terminal Ave

What can you buy here? Filled with something for everyone, the Vancouver Flea is a place full of vintage clothing, travel artifacts, antiques, housewares, electronics and various tools. Some of the items fit the description of one man's trash but another person's treasure while others are truly one of a kind unique and vintage pieces. If you got a thing for some serious collectibles, you're at the right place, too: the Vancouver Flea Market is also the venue for the popular Antiques and Collectibles Show where you can spend hours and hours looking for the next special addition to your collection.

Both the flea market's Facebook page and Instagram profile are well updated not only with event information, but also with photos of treasures waiting for their next owner to come.

12Vancouver FleaReal Vintage Treasures
13The market is rather traditionalThe market is looking rather traditional
15The perfect place for coin collectorsThe perfect place for coin collectors
16You can discover the spirit of garage salesDiscover the spirit of garage sales
17Old BooksOld Books
18Antique Prayer BeadsAntique Prayer Beads
19Antique and Collectible ShowAntique and Collectible Show

Meet The Photographer: Kevin Eng

Kevin EngKevin Eng

Kevin's passion for photography has encouraged others to see the splendor and beauty of nature right at their doorstep, as he captures the sights of the day, and colors and mystery of world while it sleeps. Many of the subjects of his work are based locally in his hometown in Vancouver, B.C., where he first discovered his fascination with night photography. Kevin is currently working as a music teacher, music director for his church, and landscape photographer.


5 Responses to “Photo Essay: The Flea Markets Of Vancouver”

  1. Allan

    There was a time when the Vancouver Flea Market was exciting but now it’s more about business with many new (and low quality) items or extremely overpriced antiques… I miss the place it used to be a few years ago. On the other hand, the Antique & Collectible show is definitely worth a visit!

  2. thfc66

    I have never been to the east side market, looks decent. Anyone that has been to the Vancouver one knows how terrible it is. The Croatian culture center has a legit one. They only have it once every month or so, but it is quality.

  3. Moth-eatenDeerhead

    The pictures of the East Side market look way more enticing than when I went. I might have to give it a second chance. It was extremely over crowded and I felt the items they had were overpriced crap you could get at any thrift store. They did have some vendors selling new handmade local items, but I wasn’t interested in anything they had at the time.

    I’ll def. keep my eye on the Croatian flea.

  4. crackhead88

    The Vancouver one On Terminal is 90% stolen shit.

    I had a table there for 2 years trying to compete with it.

  5. shoetiefreely

    I just spent a week dealing with dog’s fleas. It was horrible. Consider that before you go.

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