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Neighbourhood Photo Essays: Steveston Village in Richmond

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In 1878, Manoah and Martha Steves were the first family to settle on the southwest corner of Lulu island - today's Steveston. They've lived there with their six children. In 1880, Manoah's son, William Herbert Steves, started to develop the town of "Steves". By 1890 it was known as Steveston with an opera house, church, hotels, stores and Lulu island's first newspaper and hospital.

Steveston is a beautiful fishing village with a laid back atmosphere, great food and rich history. If you're a fan of ABC's Once Upon a Time, you already know Steveston is kind of a magical place. For those of you who are not familiar with this fairytale-like side of Steveston, we've prepared a photo guide.

5 FIshermans WharfCaptain Hook lovers - looks familiar?
5 FIshermans Wharf2Fisherman's Wharf - Fresh seafood on every corner
4 Fabiana
10 Old Fishermans house3Old Fisherman's House
10 Old Fishermans house2 1Part of the Old Fisherman's House exhibition
10 Old Fishermans housePlaying cards to make the time fly faster

The Prickly Pear Garden Centre

12311 No.1 Road Steveston, B.C.V7E 1T6

The Prickly Pear is a destination garden centre. It was established in 1995 and it's locally owned and operated. The owners Brian Gilmore and Patti Maskal were both born and raised in Steveston and still live in the area.

15 Prickly Pear Garden Centre2You can find a variety of different plants and flowers at the Prickly Pear.
15 Prickly Pear Garden Centre3They offer tropical plants, fresh flowers, seasonal goodies and essential gardening items
15 Pricky Pear Garden Centre5An eclectic assortment of giftware is also available at the store

Storybrooke Country Bread

3680 Moncton St, Steveston, Richmond

Romania Country Bread was the original name of a very popular Bread Bakery in Steveston Village, Richmond but currently a big fake wood sign saying Storybrooke Country Bread covers the old one because of the transformation into the fairy tale town of Storybrooke for the filming of Once Upon a Time.

16 Storybrooke  Bread baker Storybrooke Entrance

The owner, Nick Constantin, opened this store 10 years ago and bakes his bread daily. When you cross that door you know very well where you are. The aroma is everywhere and if you just walk pass, it'll definitely draw you in! He doesn't sell anything but bread, just bread that takes around 24 hours to make from the beginning of the process until it's ready to be sold. It's baked in a large wood-fired bread oven at the back of the store that he built with his own hands.

16 Storybrooke3The bread is baked in a large wood-fired bread oven at the back of the store that Nick Constantin built with his own hands
16 Storybrooke4The price is not just for the bread but for a unique fresh baked bread. $10 a loaf and a quarter-kilo for $5
16 Storybrooke5The store is actually called The Bread Bakery, but since Once Upon a Time was filmed here, the fake Storybrooke sign is covering the old one

But now only the bread is famous in town. Nick himself is quite a character with a strong peculiar personality known by all, locals and regular visitors. He may very well shout at you from the back of his beautiful wooden store while you can try a free sample of his unique product while the line of costumers behind you gets longer and longer. It's also easy to see him sitting on the chairs he has at the door outside discussing his everyday concerns with a friendly neighbor in the afternoon, after putting the dough in the over for the next day batch.

The price is not just for the bread but for a unique fresh baked bread. $10 a loaf and a quarter-kilo for $5.

Alegria Cafe & Giftware

12151 1st Ave Richmond, BC V7E 3M1

Alegria Cafe & Giftware is well known by its delicious home made soups, but they offer a variety of dining options. If you're looking for gluten free, make sure you try their gluten free cookies!

2 Alegra cafe giftwareIt's what's on the inside that counts
2 Alegra cafe giftware3See? Alegria's beautiful garden - grab a book, order tea and enjoy

Steveston Tattoo Company

12020 1st Avenue, Unit 110, Richmond BC V7E 3L9

3 Steveston Tattoo CompanySteveston Tattoo Company - charming on the outside
3 Steveston Tattoo Company2But make sure you take a peak inside - it's worth it!
2 Wendy
8 Garry Point ParkGarry Point Park
8 Garry Point Park2Kite-flying in Garry Point Park
11 ShipyardShipyard
1 Eric

The Japanese Fishermen’s Benevolent Society Building

3811 Moncton Street, Steveston, Richmond

4 Japanese Canadian Museum house 1The Japanese Fishermen's Benevolent Society Building, located next to Steveston Museum, was moved and restored and reopened on June 5th, 2015
4 Japanese Canadian Museum house2 1The exhibition tells the story of Japanese-Canadians in Steveston
4 Japanese Canadian Museum house4Exhibition shows Japanese Canadian experience in Steveston from the time of their arrival in Steveston to the time of their internment during World War II

Steveston WineMakers

12115 First Ave., Steveston Village, Richmond

At first sight one might think it's just one more winery where one can buy any wine you like, but this is not exactly like that. In this case if you want wine you have to make it yourself. This company doesn't sell you wine; they sell you the experience of making wine, and then of course take it home with you.

17 Steveston WineMakersWine a bit.. it can't hurt!

They sell you the basic ingredients, specially selected for the type of wine you desire to make, and they teach you how to make it step by step on what they called the ferment-on-premise process. Every batch translates into 30 bottles in about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of wine, that you get to bottle, cork and label yourself.

17 Steveston WineMakers3You will learn how to make wine step by step on what they called the ferment-on-premise process.
17 Steveston WineMakers4Where the magic happens

Sandi Wosk, the lovely and contagiously enthusiastic owner and manager of this place, who likes to call herself a "wine witch", explains everything in detail to every curious passer-by who's lucky enough to catch her around and engage with her in her informative and friendly conversation.

17 Steveston WineMakers9Sandi Wosk, the lovely and contagiously enthusiastic owner and manager of this place, who likes to call herself a "wine witch"
17 Steveston WineMakers8Funny labels included
6 Gulf of Georgia Cannery and food marketGulf of Georgia Cannery and food market - Vendors' motto is:“Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Catch it”

Village Books & Coffee House

12031 First Ave, Richmond, BC V7E

Good coffee, well-priced books - what's not to like? If you're in the area, definitely stop by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

1 Village books and coffee house2Maybe this is the place you'll find that one book you've been looking for
1 Village books and coffee house Coffee and books - there is no better combination

Big Red

Big Red was Irish Setter dog that came to Steveston aboard a vessel coming from the Gulf Islands in 1979.

Fishermen tried to make him their pet but Big Red preferred to be a free dog belonging to no one in particular and to the entire community at the same time. All locals made sure that he was fed, groomed and taken to the vet when needed. Everyone took good care of Big Red at all times. He always gave love and companion to all equally in return.

"He was always here and there and everybody loved him and took care of him. It was nice to see him around"

John says.

He passed in 1989 and he was memorialized in Town Square Park by the post office where you will see his bowl-grave. The good peoples of Stevenston still love to tell his story to the visitors, especially those who got to meet lovely Big Red.

3 John

Meet The Photographer: Ricardo Vacas

Ricardo VacasRicardo Vacas

Ricardo Vacas, owner of the firm Kerp Photography, always showed intense interest in many forms of creative arts. His professional photography career started in his home country, Spain, where he was the official photographer of several music bands, models and clothing brands. He decided to move to Wellington, New Zealand in 2012, knowing his real interest was fashion photography more than any other field. Currently living in Vancouver, Canada, he now combines his fashion, editorial and commercial photography projects with regular trips to Europe and USA.


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