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Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Vancouver

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Life is good if you are a dog in Vancouver! The city's outdoor lifestyle isn't designated only for humans. Canines are generally welcome in all of the city's parks when on leash - and there are loads of great spots where your four-legged friend can run free. Enjoy a selection of our favourite dog parks in this photo essay!

Kitsilano Dog Beach (Hadden Park)

Address: 1499 Arbutus Street

The iconic Kitsilano beach boasts scenic views of English Bay and downtown Vancouver, has sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts or the city's only saltwater swimming pool - and offers a perfect place to relax. 

Just a short stroll away, the shores of Hadden Park (this is the official name) are an ideal place to let your pet run, enjoy the water and socialise with other dogs. This is probably Vancouver's most picturesque dog beach - andi has a plenty of driftwood to relax on. Tip: there is a dog fountain at the Kits beach concession; a 10 minute on-leash walk away.

Nelson Park Off Leash Dog Park

Address: 1030 Bute Street

Located right in the middle of the city, Nelson Park welcomes West Enders looking for a peaceful, spacious and simple spot to relax. The park area, redeveloped in 2007, features seating areas, a pathway system, picnic places and a community garden. 

You can let your furry friends run on the park's west side. The off-leash dog area is enclosed with decorative metal fencing and open daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. This is a great little neighbourhood park with a sense of community - a place where dog owners are responsible and respectful. Please note that dogs are not allowed inside the school yard. 

Spanish Banks Dog Beach

Address: 4707 Northwest Marine Drive

One of Vancouver's most popular beaches is ideal for sunbathing, volleyball, barbeques, picnics or just enjoying the spectacular views. This unique place is loved by swimmers, sport-loving locals and photographers. 

The dog beach, located just west of the swimming area, will likely become your pet's favourite oasis. The sandy and rocky terrain, the low tide flats and kilometres of trail adjacent to the beach make this place perfect for running or a game of fetch. And when Fido (or you) needs some socialising, there are always many dogs and dog owners to play or chat with. Spanish Banks is sure to delight!

John Hendry Park (Trout Lake)

Address: 3300 Victoria Drive

Situated on the east side of Vancouver, Trout Lake is a tranquil spot where you almost forget that you are in a city. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of active and passive recreation possibilities, including play fields and a picnic area.

The north end of lake is reserved for your four-legged family members: this fresh water beach is a great place for dogs to cool off during hot summer days and is off-leash all day, from 5 am to 10 pm. Remember that this beach is usually busy with many dog friends around. Additionally, there is plenty of space on land for large dogs to enjoy. 

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Ricardo VacasRicardo Vacas

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