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Pushing the Client over the Edge

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Many clients think that Realtors® are there only to make a sale. Akin to the car salesperson paradigm, people often think that real estate agents’ only goal is to sell-sell-sell no matter what house or to whom. Sadly, many agents actually fuel this misconception by acting irresponsibly and neglecting their due diligence when interacting with their clients.

In reality, the role of a real estate agent is to help her or his clients. Realty is a complicated field, and achieving expertise is conditioned by accumulating experience, investing considerable amounts of time, and having an internal passion for the job of matching buyers with sellers. Because of this complexity, it is nearly impossible for a private seller or buyer to acquire the same level of proficiency at navigating the market as a seasoned Realtor® can offer. This is also the reason why real estate agency is a profession and why it is an important public service.

Although the two are not directly comparable, the model of real estate agency resembles that of medical care. Patients visit a doctor hoping to find a customized solution to their own problem and, preferably, one that would last for a long time. If the solution is based on false advice or if it has to rely on compromises and assumptions, it will have lasting negative effects on the patient’s quality of life. Similarly, selling to a client a suboptimal Vancouver house or condo is going to have lasting repercussions in that client’s everyday life.

Recognize Responsible Realtor

Because the client is not an expert on home buying, he or she relies on his or her professional advisor. It is the moral and professional duty of every Realtor® to work in favour of her or his client. If it is in the best interest of the buyer not to buy then the Realtor® should communicate that to him or her very clearly and persuasively. There is no selling a home unless the buyer expressly agrees with all of its flaws and shortcomings. An unhappy buyer will definitely give his or her realty agent bad references and will never trust that agent again.

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Selling no home is much better than selling a bad home to a client. By the established analogy, referring a patient to another doctor is much better than harming a patient. Every Realtor® should understand that she or he is largely responsible for the future well-being of her or his clients.

It is crucial that the client choose a reliable real estate agent to guide him or her through the process of trading his or her home. Only a qualified and responsible agent will be able to find you and your family the best home in the market.

Be wary of home salespeople. Work only with the pros.

4 Responses to “Pushing the Client over the Edge”

  1. Alan Cech

    Great post Jay ! you really have a flare for words but I wonder. Is it really professional practice for a REALTOR{ trademark goes here….lol} to recommend not buying a piece of property ? I always believed it was the buyers agents job to provide all the necessary information so that the buyer can make a fully informed decision, not to advise whether they should buy or not{ advise don’t persuade } can you imagine if an agent advised his clients not to buy some land and a short time later the municipality had it rezoned for highrise’s ?{ a much higher and better use } I’m sure his/her clients would feel jilted.
    Just a thought
    AC :)

  2. Jay

    Hi Alan, you say “I always believed it was the buyers agents job to provide all the necessary information” – and that’s correct. However, a Realtor has informational advantage (that’s why people use us) and influence thus client’s decision.

  3. Alan

    Your probably right Jay, I’m just a newbie at this but I think i would much prefer to remain more conservative and, try not to influence anyone. So long as I provide all the necessary information so that the buyers can make a FULLY informed decision I feel I have done my job. Why would i want to persuade anyone ? By trying to persuade someone whether to buy or not to buy could get me into trouble…what if I’m wrong ? Let the buyers make their own decisions based on the facts provided to them and not based on my personal opinion…that way i can sleep better at night…just one opinion

  4. Alan

    by the way, nice website ! I wish i could afford one like yours…i know how expensive it must have been. i have been told the database on your website is enormous and it could take weeks to build a similar replica.
    Hopefully one day i will have one as nice as yours !

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