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What Home Stagers Can Do for Your Home Sale

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A Home After Staging by Real Estaging A Home After Staging by Real Estaging

When you’re selling a home, you want everything to look just right. You essentially want your home to turn into a buyer trap. Everything must be impeccable, warm, friendly, and modern. These qualities are hard to measure, but they bear fruit when it comes to price negotiations and closing.

Do you think you can do the best job of this yourself? Do you think you can detach yourself emotionally from your Vancouver house enough to objectively shape the house up — the home you’ve been living in for the last few years? Think about the task and how much time and effort it can take. Do you really want to do this yourself, or would you rather use somebody with experience and a proven track record?

There is no need to be overly protective of your dwelling when it comes to its sale. You’re leaving the place anyway, so minor staging changes should not particularly upset you. On the contrary, you should use this opportunity to learn something about setting up your living environment and apply that knowledge in your destination home. That way, you get to exercise your newly acquired skills and you also get to keep the result.

An experienced stager is trained to spot the most prominent imperfections in your environment and implement effective fixes. Hopefully, your stager will advise you on the most important changes that need to be made to attract more buyers and higher offers. Staging takes place both in the interior and on the exterior of the house. Your lawn, your yard, and your garage are all part of the place you’re selling.

A well-done staging job results in quality offers. A neatly staged home will most likely sell faster, and it will definitely sell for a higher price. Multiple interested buyers will allow you to retain the upper hand during negotiations because you can leverage the fact that there are other buyers waiting in line for your home. A quicker closing time will save you plenty of money on upkeep costs and utility expenses.

Staging brings the greatest benefit to homes that are selling in a competitive market where the tiniest differences in buyer experience can shift the order of home popularity in buyers’ eyes. If you’ve never relied on professional advice while you occupied the house you’re selling, maybe it’s a good idea to involve an expert at least during the selling process. Everybody can use a bit of an unbiased opinion and due reassurance at the right time.

Have you ever worked with a home stager in Vancouver before? Please share your experiences in the comments with us and with our other readers.

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