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Do You Want to Freshen Up Your Living Room? Build a Terrace!

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Terrace by Sibarth Villa Rentals Terrace by Sibarth Villa Rentals

Some might object that a terrace is too big a luxury for something you can use only during hot and dry days. This might seem rational, but it’s mistaken! Current trends in building terraces allow them to be used practically any time. Here are some ideas you might consider when building a terrace.

The Sooner the Better

It is really important to choose a nice place for your terrace. If you already have a house, your options are a bit limited, but still wide. You should consider a number of factors, like the position of the property and the building itself, terrain, view, neighbours, the position of the driveway, and local laws and customs. In general, south-eastern orientation offers the most benefits. The sun shines on the terrace in the morning, leaving the choice of the afternoon activities entirely up to you, since you don’t have to worry about strong sun.

Breafast on the Terrace by Eva Mc Dermott Breafast on the Terrace by Eva Mc Dermott

The question of placement is tightly bound to the size of the terrace. Architects agree that a width of 71 inches is optimal in most cases. However, if you’re planing to install more than the table, chairs, and some minor decorations, you will need a wider one. The fully functional terrace shouldn’t be less than ten metres squared.

What Materials to Use?

The most often used material to make a terrace floor is paving. If you don’t want stone under your feet when you’re comfortably sitting outside, on your own island of relaxation, you have a wide range of options to choose from. However, if your terrace does not have a roof, beware of exposing your wooden floor to rain or, worse, snow!

Take special care of wooden floors made of exotic wood. They tend to be very sensitive to different climatic conditions. However, building companies offer a wide range of products to protect nearly every type of material you might choose.

Heatlamp by Gregg Heatlamp by Gregg

What Accessories Should I Choose?

Garden furniture and sunshades are the standard equipment for terraces. Don’t be afraid to add a grill, comfortable seats, vases, flower pots, furniture made of exotic wood, stainless steel, and much more. It is entirely up to you and your creativity to create a space you feel good in.

If your terrace is big enough, you might think about buying a hammock or a rocking chair, ideal for reading a book, and a cool place to rest. A bathtub or a small swimming pool? Why not! If you like the idea, go for it! You can draw out your summer season thanks to various heating devices, like a heat lamp. If you have children or grandchildren, don’t forget that it’s always safer to put in a railing as well.

Enjoy your terrace as much as you can. It is only natural that people feel the need to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying the sun and fresh air, or just a simple view.

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