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New Urbanism in Vancouver

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Vancouver Condos by Cdric Hsler Vancouver Condos by Cedric Husler

Probably everyone in the Greater Vancouver Area is aware of the real estate situation here. Properties are becoming more and more inaccessible to regular homebuyers: their prices haven’t stopped rising since the real estate boom began. It looks like it’s time to think outside the box — Vancouver being the box in this case. However, if you happen to have a job in the city, you probably do not want to live too far away. There is one option, though, that has become increasingly popular in recent weeks.

As Vancouver’s suburbs started to invest in development and support economic growth, people started to show up. Today, Surrey, one of the Vancouver’s suburbs, is considered one of British Columbia’s top investment areas. This new wave in real estate is called New Urbanism. You can find one of the typical luxury development projects right in Surrey: a combination of urban convenience with top-notch condo interior design called Ascend Living, built by Ambros Constructors and designed by Giraffe Design. It offers a choice of either one or two bedroom condos, built with expansive glass and bold brick elements.

It is not easy to explain what the term New Urbanism means because it has not yet fully found its way into the Greater Vancouver Area. According to a Marketwire press release, “Cities transformed by new urbanism, such as Surrey, BC, offer accessible amenities in a pedestrian-friendly community. These residential developments emphasize beauty, aesthetics, and sustainability through high-end design and the use of eco-friendly appliances."

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