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Government Brings More Arts And Culture To Vancouver

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Thanks to an investment by the Government of Canada, festivals, artists, youth, and arts training organizations are flourishing in Vancouver. On March 19th, the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, together with leaders from Vancouver’s cultural and arts communities, announced public support for as many as 40 projects.

“With Canada’s economic recovery still fragile, we are focused on creating jobs and economic growth throughout British Columbia,” said Minister Moore. “Supporting Canadian culture means supporting Canada’s economy,” he added. The Government believes that by investing in the arts, they are strengthening communities throughout both Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole.

The funding announced on March 19th will support a variety of projects that aim to bring people together and create cultural experiences. Vancouver Takes the Stage, The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre, the Vancouver Early Music Festival, the DanceHouse performance series, and the Bard On The Beach Theatre Society are among the projects to benefit from the newly announced funding. “We are very excited about the opportunity that the Government of Canada has given the youth of Vancouver,” said Lucille Pacey, President of Arts Umbrella.

The Government of Canada has contributed $4,779,527 to six programs of the Department of Canadian Heritage: the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program, the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, the Youth Take Charge program, the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, and the Canada Arts Training Fund.

Support totalling $9.5 million across 176 organizations was announced by Vancouver City Hall. The total funding is composed of $2.5 million of theatre rental grants and $7 million of outright grants.

Here are descriptions of all the programs supported by the Government:

Canada Arts Presentation Fund

The Canada Arts Presentation Fund grants Canadians easy access to the variety of Canada’s culture by supporting presentations of live professional performances, professional arts festivals, etc.

Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage

Thanks to the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program, Canadians may take advantage of opportunities to participate in diverse activities that present local culture and arts or honour provincial history and heritage.

Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund strives to improve material conditions for innovation and artistic creativity as well as to increase Canadians’ access to visual arts, media arts, performing arts, heritage displays and museum collections.

Youth Take Charge Program

The Youth Take Charge program targets youth-led projects. Its main objective is to get Canadian youth involved in a wide range of activities to expand their knowledge of Canada and encourage national pride.

Canada Cultural Investment Fund (Strategic Initiatives Component)

Thanks to the Canada Cultural Investment Fund’s Strategic Initiatives Component, initiatives supported by multiple partners and impacting multiple organizations are publicly subsidized as well. Supported projects help heritage and arts organizations to form and adapt their revenue streams, strengthen their management capacities, and develop their business competencies.

Canada Cultural Investment Fund (Endowment Incentives Component)

Canada Cultural Investment Fund’s Endowment Incentives Component matches public funding to private sector donations toward the endowment funds of arts organizations. For every single dollar donated by the private sector, the Government of Canada provides 71 cents.

Canada Arts Training Fund

The Canada Arts Training Fund supports non-profit organizations that offer training to Canadians who aspire to a national or international professional career in the arts.

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  1. Mariana Zschoerper

    Good Afternoom.

    I am interested in the Funds for youg artists in Vancouver. How I can get more specific information. How I can apply with one project. Is possible make one appointment to present one project ?

    Thank you Very Much in advance.


    Mariana Zschoerper.

    Classical Ballet Dancer.

  2. Jay

    Hi Mariana,
    you will find more information about the funds on their websites.

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