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Campfire Ban Begins

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If you plan to go for a barbecue somewhere around the BC coastal region, don't forget to pack portable stove – unless you want to face $345 fine. Official ban of campfires starts this Friday at noon.

Authorities were forced to issue this ban due to long period of extremely dry conditions, which substantially increased the risk of wildfires and set fire danger ratings to high or even extreme level. The ban will last until dumper weather comes.

Starting a wildfire can result in up to three years in jail and fine up to $1 million. Be aware that fireworks, torches and gas stoves with flames exceeding 15 centimeters are banned too.

What areas are affected by the ban? It stretches from the Lower Mainland to the Coast Mountains and includes Vancouver Island. The Island's western coast is ban free for now due to milder conditions, but the ban covers private property and provincial and federal parks.

Be aware that also Whistler has its own fire ban, which includes the municipality's forests, parks (except propane barbecues) and in peoples' backyards. Vancouver still allows smoking and wood burning in municipal parks, however the hazard is rising in Stanley Park and other forested parks. So you better keep your lighter at home.

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