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Massive Condo Build Given Go-ahead

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Vancouver City Council has passed proposals for four new massive downtown Vancouver condo high-rise towers, one of which will surpass the height of the current tallest Vancouver condominium tower.

The building site proposed for prime development, near Georgia and Seymour Streets, could accommodate the tallest Vancouver condominium tower at 213 metres, outstripping the current tallest Vancouver highrise, the 61-storey Shangri-La Hotel Condo that stands at 201 metres. The other three buildings would average at 140 metres.

The recent change in planning policy will see certain height restrictions lifted to create more of a ‘dome skyline’ policy. This approach is based on creating more space for renters and homeowners to live within the urban core, and with many restrictions required from the developers’ standpoint, Vancouver City Council believes that this is the right course of action

This comes amidst one of the biggest building booms during the past decade following the global economic problems that plagued the Vancouver real estate market for much of 2009.  

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