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Soundcheck Vancouver – The Loud Loudwest

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We hope you liked our introduction to the music scene in Vancouver posted a couple of days ago. Now, we have just published the second part of our series on Music in Vancouver. This time, we'll give you a detailed review of all the essential music venues, and you'll also learn which rock bands call Vancouver home. Here's a short excerpt from our article on Rock in Vancouver:


The city?s power-chord peddlers may not strut in the sweaty spotlight of yesteryear, but ask any long-haired, leather clad kid haunting any of the tattoo parlours, head shops and rock boutiques on the dingy-end of Granville Street and they?ll tell you?
Rock?s not dead. It?s not even sleeping. It?s alive and well. You just have to know where to look.

In case you don't, here is another link to The Loud Loudwest


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