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Vancouver Neighbourhoods – Cambie

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Cambie is considered one of the smallest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, housing just over 7000 individuals on 217 hectares of land. It's well known for it's villagey feel and for the fact of practically serving as the city centre some 70 years ago. It was named after Canadian Pacific Railway engineer Henry Cambie, who was in charge of the railway's wester division in the nineteenth century.

Cambie is located between Queen Elizabeth park (a former pit mine) and Little Mountain. Its corridors are Oak Street on west, Cambie Street on the east and the West 16th & 41st Avenues on the north, respective south.

The modern history of the area starts with the first settler, an experienced gold miner William Mackie. He claimed himself over sixty hectares of land around a former pasture. The place in question today is known as Douglas Park and it's located on West 22nd Avenue. Jeremiah Rogers was the next in line, remembered as one of the first users of mechanized logging equipment and for building the road to the top of Little Mountain, the highest place in Vancouver offering a full 360 degree view on its surroundings. Complete development of the area finished in the early 1940's.

Cambie is known for its abundance of medical facilities including Shaughnessy Hospital, BC Children's Hospital and the BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre. They are well known by having the reputation of being top in the province.

The most notable recent event which influences both the future appearance and characteristics of the neighbourhood is the construction of the Canada Line rapid transportation system. The Canada Line will connect Vancouver with Richmond and runs through the entire lenght of Cambie street. The area will benefit from a complete reconstruction - amongst improved street geometry which will include corner bulges at key intersections and bike lanes for some portions of the street, there will be better sidewalks, new pedestrian lightning street, street furniture and there will be place for public art as well.

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