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Moving? Ten Useful Survival Tips

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Moving by Kaptain KoboldMoving by Kaptain Kobold

Chances are you'll move at some point in your life, though millions never will.

As with so many other things in life, the key to moving is organizing. You can do this by employing professional movers - budget permitting - or by getting friends and family to help. There are differences between moving inside your own country and moving abroad, so my list will contain "universal" tips amassed from my own experience of domestic and foreign moves.

  • Set a moving date well in advance. Of course, things can and will change, but setting a date will prepare you and your helpers, who might need to take a day off to help you. Checking the weather forecast may seem to be overdoing it, but you wouldn't want to move in bad weather or have your belongings damaged or lost because of it.
  • Pack all your belongings properly. Pack your belongings securely and label boxes when you can't see what's in them. This will help you find necessary items more easily.
  • Keep the most important things accessible. Keep items such as toiletries or food separate, so you can find your toothbrush, soap for a shower, or a snack!
  • Check your new home and set up a temporary bedroom. On arrival, check your new home to make sure it's in the specified condition. Then set up a temporary bedroom, as you'll need it your first night.
  • Set up the kitchen. Get it as ready as soon as you can. You're sure to need a snack or drink of water during the move. You'll also need to have your cleaning supplies accessible.
  • Inform affected neighbors. Warn others living in your new apartment building house that there might be extra noise from people moving things. If they know what to expect, you can avoid starting your new life among irritated neighbors.
  • "Edit" your belongings. As you'll eventually inventory your belongings, you might as well get rid of unwanted items beforehand. Others may find them useful. Moving fewer things will reduce the time and cost of your move.
  • Prepare your kids and pets. Kids and pets can cause stress even under normal conditions. Moving can upset them, influencing their behavior substantially. To keep things running smoothly and avoid stress, make sure they are prepared.
  • Allocate a moving budget. This should include the cost of food, equipment, payment for movers (if applicable), and a reserve for emergency purchases.
  • Inform institutions of your change of address. Have official documents revised to include your new address, redirect magazine subscriptions, and notify your bank and other institutions of your new address.

Use all the information you've found on the Internet about your new community. Lots of online services are available, and they're designed to make your life easier. But most importantly, be happy and positive about the change that you decided to make. Accept and enjoy your new environment as much and as quickly as possible!

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