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Home Staging for Showings: A Few Tips to Start With

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Naturally, every seller wants to sell their property for the best possible price in the given time frame. In order to do that, you have to think about what makes the buyers heart jump and how to create the impression which triggers instant "must-have" feelings. Every home has a massive potential and the selling price can significantly increase even after a few simple changes.



Depending on your budget and the initial value of your property, you have a few different options:

  • The do it yourself approach - most cost effective, but can be time consuming
  • Home staging with your realtors help and advice
  • Hire a professional stager

Either option is better than doing nothing - the results will show. Before getting to work, there are a few important questions you should answer:

  • Who is the dream buyer? - Determine your buyer profile. What kind of people are likely to be interested the most? This depends a great deal on the location, the size of your property and its offerings.
  • What does the dream buyer want to see? Think about the wishes of these people. What features will make them happy? What is the most convenient setting? If you'd really like to make the most out of it, consider purchasing things that will make it really easy for them to switch and start living to the fullest potential in the shortest amount of time.
  • What should the dream buyer never see? Think about removing as many of your own personal belongings as just only possible. Let the buyers envision THEIR belongings in the space of your home. Also, anything old (if it's not to be considered antique) should go. Put these items into storage for the showing period or hide them somewhere where potentional buyers won't see them.
  • What are the most cost effective options and changes that will likely push the homes price higher? It's always a great idea to start with the actions that will make the most impact. Think about the best features of your home and emphasize them, while the same applies in the reverse case.


  • Curb appeal - The well known term in real estate showings, referring to the very first impression someone gets when looking at the home's front. It's relatively straightforward: the lawn should be mown, grass should be in the best condition depending on the season while precisely trimmed around the curbs and areas touching the concrete parts. There should be no visible flaws and your best bet is to repair everything that might need it. Check the seller's guide for some more tips.
  • Backyard - While there's much talk about the front, people usually don't pay as much attention to the backyard as they should. That is a mistake. If you compare it with the interiors, which people are keen to arrange themselves and change it to suit their needs, it's different - a well designed garden in the back can add a lot to the final value of the home.
  • Balcony & Patio - It might be vital to present lifestyle elements, which will play on the buyers imagination. Renting a nice and big grill and a table can help the potential buyers envision their new life in the home, therefore getting more easily attracted to the property.


  • Remove Clutter - Space is an extremely important aspect of staging. Remove everything that shouldn't be there and make sure that the furniture is aranged in such way that it show more optically. It should be easy to navigate through the house for the guests.
  • Sunlight & Lighting - As buying is in most cases an emotional decision, lighting plays a major role in the process. Nothing can change the mood so dramatically depending on different settings. Since most buyers want cheerful and comfortable place, you should open all curtains and let in as much light as possible. Some people might go as far as using exterior lights at night.
  • Cleaning - It goes without saying that anything dirty and not squeeky clean in the home is unacceptable and may prevent it from selling. This should be one of your priorities.
  • Paint - Before selling your home, it's a good idea to repaint all existing walls. Generally, neutral colors are a good pick because it doesn't disqualify anyone from the start. In more luxurious homes, however, strong accents and unique combinations are often desirable.
  • Renting items - if you don't have furniture in your home anymore or it's not in the best condition, it can be a very good idea to rent furniture which stands out.

These are just a few quick pointers. For some more detailed tips on selling your home in Vancouver, visit the seller's guide.

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