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Real estate promotion methods online: an overview

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The fact that almost every potential buyer has internet access today has changed the way people market their products and services, and it's no secret that the real estate industry is one of the most impacted ones in this matter. Today's Internet tools can help you sell your home significantly faster and for more - this article deals with some of the methods available.



Virtual tours

Virtual tours can let people visit your home from theirs or their workplace. They can take a full look around and get a general feel of how your property looks like. With the possibility of 360 degree views, it's one of the most useful tools that one can promote their home with.


A classic tool which can't be missing from any real estate presentation. Online photography sharing and storage creates the possibility of easily reaching a previously unthinkably large audience.

24/7 Access

One big advantage of the Internet is that it's available nonstop. While you and your agent can only organize showing and answer their phones in a limited period, often excluding weekends, your online presentations are always there. Many people are extremely busy during the week and do all their research at on Saturday and Sunday. If you can supply them with high quality information and pre-convince them online, you're going to experience very fast responses and closing.

Fast contact

Instead of just having a phone or a pager, potential buyers can contact your agent by e-mail and instant messaging as well. With various services that route all others to a cellphone, communication is easier than ever.

Mailing lists

Your real estate agent can gather the e-mail addresses of people who are looking for a specific type of property or in a certain location, and can automatically alert them when one is listed that meets their criteria. This means an instant potential buyer base in the very moment you decide to sell your property.


With the advent of online video sharing services such as YouTube, you can film and publish a professionally edited video walkthrough through your home. If you're using a true real estate agent who cares about his/her clients, he/she should be able to provide video marketing of your property.

Web 2.0

Social networking sites didn't only help people to find long forgotten high school classmates, but have transformed many businesses and become a vital place for marketing. Not only your agent can join groups based on real estate investing in all the specific regions, but he can place ads on highly visible places where potential buyers spend a lot of time every single day.

Interactive Ads

Video, descriptions, virtual tools, stats, floor plans, surveys, legal status and everything can be inserted into an interactive ad such as Google Gadget Ads. While it's still something quite cutting edge, ads like this will be placed all over in the future. An interactive gadget ad can be displayed on multiple websites, including social networking, classifieds and even virtual TV shows. The possibilities are endless and it's clear that a successful REALTOR® will be somebody who's able to stay on top of technological advances online...

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