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Top 5 Vancouver’s Photography Instagramers

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Spring has arrived, the streets are already blooming and so are the newsfeeds of photographers across Vancouver. City itself could also be proclaimed as the Mecca of photographers. A lot of them moves from all over BC to take epic shots. Looking at their content, one must admit there’s something magical about exploring the skyscrapers, rushing rivers and majestic mountain sides at one place. 

Here is a list of follow-worthy photographers capturing Vancouver’s diversity:

1. Foggy, shiny, colourful. The art of @ggeoffreyy’s urban photography is mesmerizing and captures the vivid beauty from every possible angle, even at night. You can tell, one is really dedicated, when also running a creative apparel inspired by the city.

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don't look back @trevorrwongg

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa GEOFFREY | Vancouver (@ggeoffreyy),

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20/20 vision

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa GEOFFREY | Vancouver (@ggeoffreyy),

2. The still life photos of portray the city in a subtile colour palette, where every season seems to be overflowing with tranquility and peace.

3. Being on the wild side, @itsbigben’s newsfeed regularly bristles with breathtaking pictures of the wild nature, deep valleys and generally gives you a wanderlust feeling, no matter where you look at his photos.

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My first five or six days here I lived off gas station food, slept well under 4 hours a night and was constantly re-wearing the same old wet clothes because there wasn’t enough time to dry them between sunset and the next days sunrise. I ended up getting sick because of it. I definitely should have brought more than just Nike’s and Birkenstocks. Oh well, after two days indoors editing I’m almost ready to get back up and at it again. @chrispoops is telling me to eat more apples and less hot dogs but I don’t want to listen. Here is one of the last photos I took before my chest started feeling all lame. But like I said, feeling a bit better and hoping to finish the trip strong. // @visitfaroeislands #visitfaroeislands

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa ben prescott (@itsbigben),

4. The gallery of @kerpphotography is engaging because of the diversity of his work - ranging from product shots to precisely edited portraits with a professional touch.

5. And what about the four-legged influencers, like @goldenmase?
They definitely love the fresh air, sunsets and well, gaining popularity all over the world.


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