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Best Places to Work Remotely in Vancouver: Coworking Spaces

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With a vibrant community of creatives and a flourishing digital media scene, it’s no wonder that coworking spaces are growing in popularity. Vancouver is undoubtedly a costly city to live in, so offering a comfortable space equipped with coffee machines, lounge areas, hot desks, private meeting spaces – and all for a reasonable rate – these spaces are becoming more desirable for tech boomers and those looking for a space to connect with others but also maximize productivity. Coworking offices also have an incredible ability to bring people together and create a vibrant community spirit, as well as providing an alternative to cafes or working from home. See the selection of the best Vancouver spots in our article!

Suite Genius, Kitsilano & Mt Pleasant

Address: 210 - 1737 West 3rd Ave, Kitsilano // 300 - 225 West 8th Ave, Mt Pleasant
Website: www.suite-genius.com
Cost: Membership plans start at $95/month

Suite Genius 1

Suite Genius, with a location in Kitsilano and Mt Pleasant, offers a smarter place to work for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. With a warm and welcoming environment, a clean and modern space, and patio areas that are perfect for fresh air breaks and mid-afternoon sunbathing, this coworking office option offers two great spaces outside of downtown Vancouver.

The Space

Suite Genius is unique to other coworking spaces because of its two locations. The idea evolved out of a desire to avoid the downtown commute and find a fresh and creative place to work closer to home. The open and casual environment is conducive to productive work, and the style is a mix of sophisticated and traditional details to create the perfect atmosphere for concentrated work, collaboration, and meaningful connections.

The location in Kitsilano is cool and full of character, with large windows and an abundance of natural light, while the new Mt Pleasant location is much larger, boasting two lounges and a huge outdoor patio with mountain and city views. Both locations are just a stone’s throw away from downtown and are in close proximity to parks, coffee shops, public transit, and bike routes.

Suite Genius 2

Key Features

To accommodate a range of entrepreneurial and freelance needs, both locations feature highspeed internet and wireless printer/scanner, dedicated phone "booths" for private calls, ergonomic chairs, and custom wood tables, along with a relaxing lounge area and kitchen space. The Mt Pleasant location also has seven private offices with access to all shared amenities, as well as a large boardroom and two medium-sized rooms for client meetings. The offices are also dog-friendly and welcome responsible pet owners.

The design of the space was centred around a concept of "The New Age Genius," a tribute to the modern co-worker who we saw as a contemporary version of an Einstein, Da Vinci, or even Bell – a unique creator in their own way. Our open kitchen and lounge area embraces Suite Genius's values on collaboration and community, and acts as a central hub for the whole space and provides a warm and social environment for people to meet, share ideas, and socialize.

Says Mitchell Purdy, Owner of Suite Genius,

We run a weekly Happy Hour on Thursdays where all members have the opportunity to network and get to know their fellow coworkers. The Happy Hours are sponsored/hosted by a different member each week, giving them a casual platform to talk about their business. We also offer free bi-monthly professional legal consultations to our members, and have also recently partnered with a Reiki for Entrepreneurs professional to help our members refocus and de-stress.

Memberships start at $95 monthly, which includes four days of desk space, four hours of monthly meeting rooms, 9am-5pm weekday access, and shared storage. The top tier membership offers a complete private office space.

Suite Genius 3
Suite Genius 4
Suite Genius 5
Suite Genius 6
Suite Genius 7
Suite Genius 8
Suite Genius 9

The Hive, Gastown

Address: #210 – 128 West Hastings St, Vancouver
Website: www.hivevancouver.com
Cost: Membership plans start at $49 per month

The Hive 1

The Hive Vancouver is an innovative coworking space located in Gastown. Perfect for both small business and large organizations, The Hive is a hub for collaboration-minded persons in all industries who are looking for an affordable workspace and environment in which they can thrive. The space hosts events, support services, programs, and collaborations, with an aim make a sweet social impact.

The Space

With a huge office space and open plan layout, The Hive is specifically designed to encourage interaction among members and promote a community spirit. The style has a certain DIY feel, with exposed brick, big bright windows, high ceilings and plenty of space.

Collaboration, creation,and sustainability are all strongly encouraged, as The Hive is a huge advocate for social and environmental good and supporting Vancouver’s creative entities, be it a non-profit, small business, start-up, freelancer, large organization, or meet-up group.

"We love coworking because it's a powerful tool that can be used to build community and strong, grounded relationships, all the while encouraging collaboration among diverse stakeholders for social good!"

Notes Maya Goodwill, Director of Social Impact at The Hive.

"We believe that by creating a community of change-makers grounded in a physical space we will be able to convene, connect, support and amplify social impact."

Situated on West Hastings Street in Gastown, the office is in a prime location with great transport connections and is open Monday through Friday.

The Hive 2

Key Features

The Hive believes that Vancouver’s change-makers should have a strong culture of collaboration and an innovative space to succeed. The spacious office features over 30 hot desk workstations and 70 permanent desks, as well as three meeting rooms, which are included in all member packages.

The space boasts a lounge and kitchen area, a printing station, and even hammocks and a bunk bed in case their members require a little R&R during the working day. There is also an indoor bike storage area in the building.

Whether you’re looking for an occasional hot desk, a virtual office mailbox, a month-to-month commitment or a permanent desk, The Hive offers a range of memberships to suit all budgets. Hot desk memberships start at $49 for five coworking hours per month and Monday to Friday access, while the top tier offers unlimited hours and 24/7 access. Permanent desk memberships also come with the option for a wall or window desk and offer unlimited coworking hours per month.

The Hive 3
The Hive 4
The Hive 5
The Hive 6
The Hive 7
The Hive 8
The Hive 9
The Hive 10

The Profile, Gastown

Address: 375 Water St, Suite #200, Vancouver
Website: www.waterstreetprofile.com
Cost: Hot desk day passes start at $25/day

The Profile 1

The Profile, located in Gastown, is a not only a great coworking space, but also a lifestyle business club. The space inspires meaningful encounters and connections as well as a place for diverse people and their businesses to prosper. The Profile creates a vibrant environment ideal for the start-up and business community, and provides all the tools and trimmings needed to make way for productivity and amazing work. The space also hosts a number of business networking events to unite creative minds from across the city.

The Space

The Profile has invested in a carefully designed space with the aim of inspiring people to work and connect with one another. With a luxury design of exposed brick, large arched windows and architecture that reflects Gastown’s heritage and charm, along with views of the iconic Canada Place and Vancouver Harbour, The Profile creates the perfect environment for innovative work.

Coworking is a purpose-driven movement bringing people together with common goals in a creative business environment and ecosystem. Ultimately, we all desire a vibrant economy to build our business, create jobs, or get a job.

Says Kevin Penstock, Founder of The Profile.

We may not think that we need a place or community to belong to, but most of us acknowledge we are better together than alone. We believe in people who crave inspiration, community, knowledge, and sharing ideas. People that are driven to invest in relationships and to invest in new ideas and start initiatives. We also believe that space matters and love architecture and spaces designed to inspire people to work and connect.

Centrally located in Gastown on Water Street, The Profile is conveniently situated and is easily accessible from transit links, bike routes, and car shares. The office is open from 9am-5pm for hot deskers, and 24/7 for higher tier members.

The Profile 2

Key Features

The Profile aims to create a community of start-ups that supports the whole entrepreneurial eco-system. With over 100 workstations, and more than 3,000 people coming through the doors each month, The Profile offers a strong entrepreneurial vibe with an emphasis on collaboration and connections between members.

The office is fully optimized by technology with a blend of collaborative workstations, including hot desks, group desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and gathering spaces, perfect for budding start-ups as well as larger companies. The space also has a bike store, café, and hosts a range of events, conferences, and workshops.

The Profile offers a number of affordable membership plans that are designed to suit all individuals. Hot desk day passes are $25 daily with 9am-5pm access, dedicated desk spaces are priced at $445 monthly with 24/7 access, and team pods are also available for collaborative teams. Meeting rooms, virtual offices, and private offices with waterfront views are also available.

The Profile 3
The Profile 4
The Profile 5
The Profile 6
The Profile 7

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  1. Jeff

    I work from home a lot (about 3-4 days each week) but I find these membership plans a bit overpriced. It’s true that it’s great to break the routine, plus I see here the power of the community and networking – but for these prices? I choose Breka for now!

  2. Rajender Sohi

    Excellent and informative post. Just an addition to the list. One more unique 24/7 coworking coming to the downtown this Christmas, neXdesk. Link below

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