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Best Places to Work Remotely in Vancouver: Cafés

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An explosion of self-starters and entrepreneurs have taken over Vancouver in the past few years, and working remotely has become more desirable than ever. Whether you work from home, in an office or a co-working space, breaking your routine and escaping to a café for an hour or two is a brilliant way to stimulate productivity and a creative mindset. Cafés now have everything you need, including super-fast Wi-Fi, caffeine and tons of plugs. So all the more reason to switch up your working environment and embrace the new flexible working revolution. With this in mind, here are a few of the best places to work remotely in Vancouver.

Breka Bakery & Café, Downtown

Address: Davie St, Bute St, and Fraser St
Website: www.breka.ca

With a lovely selection of authentic European style breads, pastries, sandwiches and specialty coffees, Breka Bakery & Café isn’t just your standard coffee shop. Stimulate your senses with a Belgian chocolate mousse or pistachio ganache, or keep it simple with a savoury Mediterranean panini and fresh caffeine. Enjoy your 24/7 love story at one of the three locations around Vancouver – Bute, Davie or Fraser – all of which offer free Wi-Fi and extravagant baked goods. Whether you want a pick-me-up at 3pm or a late-night dessert at 3am, Breka has you covered. There are plenty of seating options with walls lined with both plugs and floor-to-ceiling windows, creating an abundance of natural light and window spots that are ideal for people watching or remote working.

1 Breka Bakery

Breka Bakery is pretty special because you know you're getting great quality when you come here as everything is baked fresh and we have a baker on site 24/7,

notes Kristen, District Manager of Breka Bakery.

We're a friendly, cozy café where people can come for a quick bite, catch up with some friends or hang out and listen to some oldies tunes.

Breka’s warming ambiance and unique opening hours create an idyllic workspace, perfect if you want to escape your home office or simply indulge in a treat during the afternoon slump. Prices are fairly reasonable too. You can grab a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and cappuccino for just $5.

2 Breka Bakery
3 Breka Bakery
4 Breka Bakery
5 Breka Bakery
6 Breka Bakery
7 Breka Bakery
8 Breka Bakery
9 Breka Bakery
10 Breka Bakery
11 Breka Bakery
12 Breka Bakery
13 Breka Bakery

The Coffee Bar, Gastown

Address: 10 Water St
Website: www.thecoffeebar.ca

Enjoy a professional yet characterful heritage space at one of Vancouver's most popular cafés. Located in historic Gastown, The Coffee Bar is a great remote working spot. Dedicated to fine espresso with beans from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters and an upscale yet simplistic ambiance, The Coffee Bar offers an uplifting change of scenery. Feed your cravings and indulge in a specialty brew and fresh pastry in this unique space. With window walls providing a stream of light throughout the day, upscale decor and over 80 seating options, this Gastown gem will provide enough inspiration to get you through your working day. The Coffee Bar is the ideal place to get into the zone whether you're sitting solo, hosting group meetings or convening with clients.

1 The Coffee Bar

Our highly trained baristas create intense and delicious espresso with state of the art coffee gear. We’re open long hours – until 11pm on the weekend – and we have an environmentally conscious space with Wi-Fi at all times,

says Najy of The Coffee Bar.

Our signature croissants are baked daily in house and are what we consider to be the finest in the city!

Offering a variety of gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan food options and complimentary Wi-Fi, The Coffee Bar provides a lovely break from your usual work setting. If you fancy a bite, a veggie chili soup or grilled cheese sandwich will set you back around $6, while most caffeine hits are priced between $3 to $4.

2 The Coffee Bar
3 The Coffee Bar
4 The Coffee Bar
5 The Coffee Bar
6 The Coffee Bar
7 The Coffee Bar
8 The Cofee bar
9 The Coffee Bar
10 The Coffee Bar

The Buzz Café, Yaletown

Address: 901 Homer St
Website: www.thebuzzcafe.net

Get your daily java fix at The Buzz Café in Yaletown. Take a couple of hours away from your home office and escape to this oasis for gourmet coffee, healthy sweet treats and a cozy ambiance. Located inside Vancouver’s oldest retail art gallery, the café takes pride in its original artwork, blissful setting and characterful design. Get inspired by beautiful paintings and delicious freshly brewed coffee, and choose from a range of work spots, including large antique tables, sofas and cozy nooks and crannies. Give your brain a boost with a white chocolate macadamia nut latte, a freshly made vegetarian wrap or a superfood energy bar.

1 Buzz Cafe

We’re unique because we’re still family owned, all of the artwork is original and everything about us is local - from our coffee to our locally made pastries to our in-house paninis,

notes Jennifer, co-owner of The Buzz Café.

We have Wi-Fi but we are not an office space, which makes us a great place for brief meetings or catching up on a bit of paperwork, in a nice relaxed environment that feels like home. And all for the price of lunch!

You'll find reliable and fast Wi-Fi, plug sockets in every corner and a distinctive setting that you won’t find elsewhere in Vancouver. Plus, you can fuel your work session with a soup of the day and gluten-free snack for around $10. The Buzz Cafe is the perfect place to refresh your mindset and spark productivity, whatever the task you're working on.


2 Buzz Cafe
3 Buzz Cafe
4 Buzz Cafe
5 Buzz Cafe
6 Buzz Cafe
7 Buzz Cafe
8 Buzz Cafe

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    My favourite one is Kafka’s Coffee & Tea – friendly staff and inspiring atmosphere which is just the most important thing if you’re working on creative writing assignments. Unfortunately (for me) it tends to be quite busy on workdays.

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