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The Best Home Decor Stores in Vancouver

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Whether you’re looking for industrial chic, contemporary design or cosy furnishings, Vancouver has it all. With everything from on-trend lighting to statement seating to vintage designs, there are a number of charming and eclectic stores to match exactly what you’re looking for. If want to decorate your home in style, here’s a compilation of our top three home décor stores in Vancouver to watch out for.

Parliament 2015 4Parliament Interiors

Parliament Interiors: Inspiring, Eclectic and Affordable

Address: 115 Water St, Vancouver
Website: www.parliamentinteriors.com
Telephone: 604-689-0800

When it comes to modern, fresh designs, Parliament Interiors knows how to outfit the home. Filling the gap in the marketplace for contemporary furniture suited to urban dwellers and smaller city homes, Parliament focuses on providing quality furniture that’s trending and affordable, yet still stylish and diverse.

Serving up a distinct palette of eclectic styles and locally made products, this Gastown furniture store constantly seeks out the latest finds and adapts according to the changing trends. They sell everything from ultra-contemporary furnishings to 1950s' vintage pieces and love to provide a diverse mix of time-warp classics and modern furnishings.

Parliament places a heavy focus on sourcing products from North America, and cherry pick their items to create the store’s unique aesthetic.

We tend to have two huge changeovers every year, with spring and fall being the most prominent shift in style,

notes Craig, co-owner of Parliament Interiors.

Parliament 2015 3When it comes to modern, fresh designs, Parliament Interiors knows how to outfit the home

This fall we’re working with a luxe palette, with cosy, wintery, textured layers and plenty of metallic, wood and charcoal tones. In summer, we opted for emerald greens and teals, and we like to bring in awesome yet reasonable art pieces to give the store an instant impact of colour and texture.

Alongside their cosy blankets, unique pillows and ever-changing vase collection, one of their most popular items is the owl mug, which retails at just $22. A group of owls is also referred to as a parliament, which is where the store’s name originated. Affordability is also highly important as part of the store’s ethos, as the owners believe that "It’s no fun to shop unless you can afford to buy the stuff!"

Moe’s Home Collection: Eclectic, Unique, and Friendly

Address: 1728 Glen Drive, Vancouver
Website: www.moeshome.ca
Telephone: 604-687-5599

Choose from a classic yet unique mix of exciting furnishings at Moe’s Home Collection. Catering to different tastes and styles, Moe’s offers an eclectic mix of transitional, contemporary, rustic and traditional home décor.

MoesMoe's Home Collection

Showcasing everything from lighting and wall fixtures to sofas and coffee tables, Moe’s offers a complete mix of furniture. They focus on offering an all-inclusive experience, allowing customers to style their entire house in just one store.

With one of the largest furniture stores in Vancouver, Moe’s unique product ranges are unique, modern yet cosy. In a bid to use sustainable products, many of their products are made from pine, wood and bamboo, and select lines are created using recycled railroad tracks.

Moes3Many of the products are made from pine, wood and bamboo

Born in the 1980s, Moe’s collection features a diverse mix of own-brand products alongside exclusive and established designers. While Moe Samieian has established the store’s global presence, affordability and customer service are still at the forefront of the store’s mission.

All of the sales staff are extremely knowledgeable and have worked with Moe’s for a number of years,

says Sara Samieian.

While we wholesale our products across the world, we pick lines that are exclusive to us in order to stay unique and remain ahead of the trends. We do our very best to provide the best prices, and you’ll find products in Moe’s that you won’t see elsewhere.


Old Faithful Shop: Good Quality Goods

Address: 320 W Cordova St, Vancouver
Website: www.oldfaithfulshop.com
Telephone: 778-327-9376

There’s no place in Vancouver quite like Old Faithful. Located in characterful Gastown, this charming store specializes in high quality, old-faithful and heirloom products for around the home.

The philosophy of the store is fairly straightforward – it centres on everyday simple living, classic designs and products that last the passage of time. With utilitarian lighting, cosy accessories and classic kitchenware, Old Faithful Shop is the place to go if you’re looking for high quality and style.

Oldfaithful2Old Faithful Shop - where the community gets together

Old Faithful Shop focuses on providing a warm and welcoming experience for customers and strives to offer the best service in town. They want their customers to enjoy a sensory experience and smell, see and touch the new products in store.

Inspired by his grandparent’s general stores, co-founder Walter Manning seeks to create a hub for the community to get together.

Oldfaithful3 1

For me, service is the cornerstone of any good business. Customers would come into my grandfather’s store and feel welcomed, and the conversations between both customers and staff were always genuine. I felt that the retail scene in Vancouver lacked that community vibe, so I decided to open Old Faithful Store to fill the market gap. Our store encompasses old-school style and service alongside quality products, mixed with a modern feel.

Old Faithful Shop also opened a second store in Toronto in March 2015.


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    Old Faithful remains my favourite however it really is quite pricey but on the other hand, well-crafted artisan items are never cheap. Just walking around in that beautiful space with wooden floors is enough for me to have a better day!

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