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Vancouver Neighbourhood Photo Essays: Dunbar

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1 Walter C Koerner LibraryThe Walter C. Koerner Library

Dunbar is situated in the South West of Vancouver's Downtown. This is also a beautiful residential area where you can feel at a glance how safe and quiet this community is. The long peaceful avenues are sprinkled with carefully arranged gardens and tree-lined streets that provide the neighbours with the green spaces and the beauty anyone would love to live by. It’s mostly a residential area made up of single families residencies with a small commercial area that includes all the services and amenities the residents may need.

The education in Dunbar is one of its biggest assets that make lots of families choose this area to live, not only for its proximity to the Campus of one of the best universities in the world, but also for the high quality of the schools and their great reputation in diversity and equality values.

2 Srishti

There’s lots of parks, like Pacific Spirit Regional Park, that make Dunbar a natural jewel close to the heart of the city. This feature makes it a great place for walkers, runners, bikers, dog owners and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. The West Memorial Park is another but smaller park where The Dunbar Community Centre is settled. They offer many programs for all ages. It has a dance studio, a whirlpool, a fitness centre, squash courts and many more.

16 Public Library DunbarThe Vancouver Public Library - Dunbar Branch

The Vancouver public Library at 4515 Dunbar street is a frequented social community spot and contains many options for good readers. They have books of fiction, mystery, travel, a big children’s books section and also a very important collection in Chinese.

4 UBC Hospital and The Chan Centre Performing artsTHe UBC Hospital and The Chan Centre of Performing Arts

Dunbar is also known for being the first settlement of Musqueam people, the first aboriginal nation in British Columbia. In other words, the modern Dunbar area was the home of the oldest-known residents of Vancouver. There is  evidence of Musqueam existence here in excess of 4,000 years.

3 Dunbar

The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908 as the McGill University College of British Columbia, and it changed its name in 1915. In the 2014-2015 U.S News and World Report ranking of world Universities UBC placed second in Canada, 24th in North America and 30th overall. The UBC Vancouver campus offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and local mountains. The campus is adjacent to a large regional park and a golf course.There are also a few areas where students can get food and coffee.

5 The UBCUniversity of British Columbia
6 ClassromsThe Classroms
7 Golf CourseGolf Course
8 Student Union Building The Nest Apartments CampusThe Student Union Building and the Nest Apartments Campus

The Student Union Building

Also known as the Sub. 250,000 square foot building. It holds a variety of stores, food options,a movie theatre, community garden, a pub where you can watch sport games, indoor rock climbing and many other facilities.

The UBC Library

The UBC library is one of the largest research libraries in Canada with 15 branches and divisions at UBC and other locations. UBC library’s collection comprised nearly SIX million volumes, more than 875,000 e-books, more than 5.3 million microforms and more than 883,000 maps, videos and other multimedia material. It also has the largest collection of Asian language materials in North America.

9 Irving K  Barber Learning CentreThe Irving K.  Barber Learning Centre
10 Irving K  Barber Learning Centre2

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre offers a variety of inspiring teaching and learning spaces, technology and access to library collections and services. It’s also home to several academic programs and units, Ike’s Café, the Chun Collection and the Chapman Learning Commons.

11 Koerner LibraryThe Koerner Library

Koerner Library

Even though its construction started in 1995, the Koerner Library - in the form we know it nowadays - was officially opened in 1997. Its area totals 17,200 square metres and it holds approximately 800,000 volumes. The institution supports learning, teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences. It also houses a large collection of print books, journals or maps, and licenses a wide range of resources relevant to the humanities and social sciences.

12 Josh
13 Dunbar
14 Dunbar
15 Rose GardenRose Garden
16 Rose Garden2Rose Garden
17 Public PianoPublic Piano
18 Dunbar
19 Dunbar
20 Dunbar
21 Lucy
22 Dunbar
23 Dunbar
24 Dunbar
25 Dunbar
26 Aboriginal SculptureThe Aboriginal Sculpture
26 Pharmacy building UBCPharmacy building, UBC
27 Housing Dunbar4Housing in Dunbar
28 zeus
29 Dunbar
30 Museum of AnthropologyMuseum of Anthropology

Meet The Photographer: Ricardo Vacas

Ricardo VacasRicardo Vacas

Ricardo Vacas, owner of the firm Kerp Photography, always showed intense interest in many forms of creative arts. His professional photography career started in his home country, Spain, where he was the official photographer of several music bands, models and clothing brands. He decided to move to Wellington, New Zealand in 2012, knowing his real interest was fashion photography more than any other field. Currently living in Vancouver, Canada, he now combines his fashion, editorial and commercial photography projects with regular trips to Europe and USA.


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  1. Kathryn

    I like Dunbar for its atmosphere, young people and parks – and this article captured it altogether. And the photos have beautiful autumn colours!

  2. Murray Steer

    The old buildings and houses are beautiful in Dunbar… I am glad to see new designs using some old ideas!

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