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Top 5 Talks at TED 2014 in Vancouver

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The TED Conference was in Vancouver last week stunning the world with its presentation of earth changing new ideas amidst the usual Spring mix of rain & sun. TED attracts the movers and shakers of the Technology, Entertainment and Design worlds.

Whenever we have hosted these starring events they have positively impacted the real estate market in Vancouver as some affluent attendees are so attracted to the city they decide to purchase second homes or to relocate aspects of their technology businesses here.

Here is our selection of the top 5 TED talks held this year, enjoy!

1. Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill Melinda Gates TED 2014 VancouverBill and Melinda Gates at TED 2014 in Vancouver

Bill and Melinda Gates appeared in the "Wish" session and discussed their work and philosophy as philanthropists in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. After revolutionizing the world of technology, Bill Gates and his spouse took up a mission to change the world by funding innovative international development projects. They especially focus on projects connected to global education, HIV/AIDS programs, agricultural research, and disaster relief. During the interview, the couple explained the link between their personal lives and experience and the work they do.

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2. Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield TED 2014 VancouverChris Hadfield at TED 2014 in Vancouver

"What's the scariest thing you've ever done?" asks Chris Hadfield, a retired astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency. Hadfield applies his experience piloting ships into orbit, when his chance of dying was one to nine, to overcoming any other kind of fear we face. By finding a way to reprogram our primal fears, we might be able to achieve our dreams — just as he ended up high above the Earth, enjoying amazing space walks (plus, get ready for his unbelievable spacewalk blindness story).

Check more info from Chris Hadfield at the TED webpage.

3. Sara Lewis

Sara Lewis TED 2014 VancouverSara Lewis at TED 2014 in Vancouver

Sara Lewis is a leading expert on fireflies, and the way she talks about her obsession with these noble creatures will make you want to leave your job and devote your life to studying them too. During the talk, Lewis described how fireflies originally developed their lighting ability to warn predators about the toxins they produce. She also highlighted the ongoing loss of firefly populations around the world due to habitat destruction and light pollution.

4. Zak Ebrahim

Zak Ebrahim TED 2014 VancouverZak Ebrahim at TED 2014 in Vancouver

Zak Ebrahim, the son of a terrorist who planned several attacks — including the 1993 WTO bombing in New York — gave a chilling account of his early exposure to extremism and his own path to becoming a peace activist. Ebrahim described the destructive environment of hatred that used to surround him and explained how meeting and befriending people from other cultures and religions eventually opened his eyes.

5. Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson TED 2014 VancouverMellody Hobson at TED 2014 in Vancouver

"We can't be colour-blind. We have to be colour-brave," says Mellody Hobson, an African-American investor who decided to open the discussion about race by sharing her stories. Hobson believes it's vital to face racial inequality head-on, instead of pretending race doesn't exist. In the talk, she suggested that diversity is the best path to success and that everybody should strive for "colour-brave" decisions, giving hope to future generations.

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  1. Tim Mason

    Chris Hadfield is my hero! His videos from the ISS are just so much fun! I wish I could see him live at TED in Vancouver, but the ticket prices were ridiculous! I guess that’s what you get when there’s such a big demand.

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