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The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Vancouver: Get Inspired For Locations

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Kits Beach View of Vancouver With a RainbowView of Vancouver With a Rainbow from Kits Beach

The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Vancouver

One of the most amazing things about living in Vancouver is the nearby mountains and the ever-present fresh sea breeze. There are so many beaches in and around Vancouver that you can visit whenever you feel like taking a short break and watching the waves gently roll. Beaches are a very popular topic in photography — with their dramatic skies during sunset, fleeting moments before a storm hits the shores, and experimenting with exposure while taking a photo of a bridge. You name it. We bring you the very best Vancouver locations to take your camera and tripod to get some beautiful shots! And the best thing is, most of these beaches are just minutes away from downtown.

Sunset With Kayakers From Jericho BeachSunset at Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach is located on the north side of Jericho Park at the west end of Point Grey Road, between Wallace Street and Discovery Street. The length of the beach is divided between swimmers and sailing fans. You'll find the waters full of sailboats and windsurfers most of the time, which make a great subject for your photos. Besides finding great spots for a picnic, there are many athletic facilities for soccer, baseball, volleyball, or tennis. Jericho provides a phenomenal view of Stanley Park, West Van, and beyond. On a clear day, you can see as far as the distant lights at the top of Cypress Hill. It's one of the best places to watch the sunset while sitting on a large driftwood log, feeling the sand between your toes.

Fun fact: In the grass area, you can easily spot cute rabbits and pluck blackberries in September.

Location: 3941 Point Grey Road (at Wallace Street)

Kits Beach

Beach, city skyline, mountains, the sea, and beautiful sunbathers — what more could you ask from a beach in the heart of Vancouver? One of the most popular beaches in Vancouver, Kits is always crowded during the summer. Kitsilano Beach or "Kits" is located at the north edge of the Kitsilano neighbourhood, facing the Burrard Inlet. It's often compared to Venice Beach, as bronzed bodies fill every inch of the sandy area. In place of the old boathouse is now a modern structure that houses the Boathouse Waterfront Restaurant with some of the best views of the city. Another feature of this beach is Kits Pool at the west side, which is Canada's longest salt water outdoor swimming pool. If you own a puppy, you'd best head for the Hadden Park off-leash area. The Seawall is a scenic 22 kilometre path that lines Vancouver’s waterfront. The city's beloved recreational destination, the Seawall runs along the beach and is just perfect for a walk, cycle, or jog.

Fun fact: When swimming in Kits Pool, remember that it's almost three times the size of an Olympic pool!

Location: Cornwall Avenue

Iona Beach

This is a great spot if you enjoy long walks and want your picture to focus on natural beauty — not the many people on the beach. The beach is a unique wildlife habitat in the middle of nowhere, home to as many as 300 species of birds and raptors. The many pieces of driftwood washed up on the sandy banks look amazing in the foreground of the compositions. This beach has the biggest collection of driftwood, so there’s always a place to sit. Since it's 20 minutes from Vancouver's airport, it's great for watching planes land every three minutes.

Fun fact: It's less crowded and so a very nice place for looking at birds — and occasionally, you'll even be able to spot seals.

Location: 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond

Wreck Beach

Are you looking for a location to shoot nudes outdoors? You'll be safe to do so on Wreck Beach, as it's a highly popular clothing-optional beach located in Pacific Spirit Regional Park. This area stretches 7.8 kilometres from Acadia Beach in the north to Booming Grounds Creek on the north arm of the Fraser River. This beach is mainly rocky, which gives it a nice, wild-looking edge. It also feels really secluded because it's at the bottom of a giant cliff. Nice, lush vegetation gives shelter to various forms of wildlife — nesting herons, sea lions, kingfishers, and bald eagles can make a great subject. The view north from Acadia Beach is pretty nice as well.

Fun fact: If you're too shy to let all your clothes drop, people are generally not offended when you keep some parts covered.

Location: North West Marine Drive

White Rock Beach

White Rock is named after a distinctive large white boulder sitting on the beach near the promenade. The granite boulder is a remnant of the last glaciation and weighs an unbelievable 486 tons. You easily get some of the best views in Vancouver here, and there's a long pier that you can use as the vantage point for your photos. This beach is usually pretty crowded, so if you need to be alone to concentrate on your art, we suggest you go early in the morning before all the people start arriving. Just a 45-minute drive from downtown, it's well worth a nice long walk! Keep an eye out for the interesting wavy patterns on the sand when the tide is out!

Fun fact: 19th-century sailors used the white boulder as a beacon.

Location: Marine Drive

Iona Beach Old Log and Dramatic CloudsIona Beach Old Log and Dramatic Clouds
Iona Beach in Vancouver PierIona Beach in Vancouver Pier
Iona Beach SunriseIona Beach Sunrise
Jericho Beach Sailing ClubJericho Beach Sailing Club
Kits Pool in VancouverKits Pool in Vancouver
Kits Beach Kayaking Near ShipsKits Beach Kayaking Near Ships
Kits Beach Tennis Courts in VancouverKits Beach Tennis Courts in Vancouver
Lucky Lanterns at Wreck BeachLucky Lanterns at Wreck Beach
Wreck Beach in VancouverWreck Beach in Vancouver
White Rock Beach SunsetWhite Rock Beach Sunset

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