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Weekends in Vancouver: Grouse Mountain Attractions & Hiking

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Lumberjack Show at Grouse Mountain The popular Lumberjack Show at Grouse Mountain

We are introducing a brand new series of Photo Essays! Have a look at amazing Photo Sets all shot by talented photographers. Explore the vibe of the city, its hidden treasures, explore Vancouver! This time, let's have a look at Vancouver through the lens of Kevin Eng!

Stops at Grouse Grind The Mother Nature's Staircase puts your fitness to test.

The Grouse Mountain: Up to the Peak of Vancouver

The amazing thing about living in Vancouver is its proximity to both the seawall and high mountains with some unforgettable views of the bay. So while you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze as you sip your coffee at a cozy cafés in the morning, in a matter of minutes, you can reach one of the most popular alpine ski resorts in BC.

One of Vancouver’s most visited attractions rises to the impressive height of 1,200 metres above sea level. Grouse Mountain — or “the Peak of Vancouver” — is one of the North Shore Mountains that provide a spectacular backdrop for the City of Vancouver. It's a very popular recreation spot and wilderness paradise. Vancouverites and tourists longing for nature regularly visit the many trails for hiking, skiing, or just a family day out, breathing in some fresh air and flexing their muscles. The resort is easily accessible from the city, just a 15-minute drive from downtown.

From sophisticated entertainment to unspoiled nature, Grouse Mountain is the four-season destination with something for everyone's tastes. During the winter (from December to May), the southern slopes of the mountain turn into a great ski and snowboard resort. Four chairlifts (namely the Screaming Eagle, Olympic Express, Greenway, and Peak chairs) take you all the way to the summit. Another winter sport that keeps winning over more and more fans recently is snowshoeing. The Munday Alpine Snowshoe Park includes four main snowshoeing trails. The chairlifts operate during the summer too. When you step out on the very summit at the end of the ride, you'll enjoy a great view of the city and can visit the many seasonal attractions of the resort. The Super Skyride, with large gondola cars, loads passengers in the valley and takes them to Alpine Station — just a short walk from the Peak Chalet, with a great restaurant, coffee bars, and a gift shop. The many attractions of Grouse Mountain include:

  • The Eye of the Wind: This 65-metre wind turbine at the peak of the mountain is the first of its kind in North America built at such a high altitude.
  • World Famous Lumberjack Show: This show presents stunts with axe-throwing, pole climbing, and log rolling.
  • Refuge for Endangered Wildlife: This escape takes good care of two grizzly bears, grey wolves, and owls and shares all the information about these beautiful animals.
  • Heli Tours: This helicopter journey takes you over the city and nearby mountain, where you experience some truly breathtaking views.
  • Mountain Ziplines: Definitely not for the people who are scared of heights, these ziplines take you up into the tall trees of the old forests.
  • Paragliding: Take the leap of courage from Grouse Mountain Peak if you dare!
  • Birds in Motion Show: This display gives you impressive demonstrations of the flight techniques of birds of prey.

Grouse Grind

Known for all who like to test their stamina or build up their strength during uphill runs, the Grouse Grind is a legend in Vancouver. Affectionately called “Mother Nature's Stairmaster,” this popular hiking trail is a true challenge. The steep trail (climbing to 853 metres over a distance of only 2.9 kilometres, at times reaches 30-degree slopes and has a fairly difficult mountainous terrain. At the very bottom, you'll find the “Grind Timer” that helps you keep track of your time.

Natural steps and bridges have been built to make it more accessible to hikers. While you don't have to make it to the top under the unbelievable time of 30 minutes (the official record held and reached only by the fittest), it's a nice challenge to work out up your whole body.

A friendly piece of advice: don't underestimate the difficulty of the trail, as the number of rescues in this area tends to be pretty high. Take your time to climb up, and make sure you have enough liquids with you.

Skylift to the top of Grouse Mountain The Super Skyride takes passengers to Alpine Station.
Paragliding at Grouse Mountain Paragliding is one of the attractions for the courageous.
View of Vancouver from Grouse Mountain The view of Downtown Vancouver from the top of Grouse Mountain
Birds of Prey Show The Birds of Prey Show
Birds of Prey Show Golden Eagle The magnificent Golden Eagle
Grouse Grind Steps in Vancouver The Grouse Grind Trail
Grizzly Bear Habitat The Grizzly Bear Habitat
Grizzly Bears on Grouse Mountain Meet Grinder & Coola
Grouse Mountain Trails
Skyride Chair Lift
Lumberjack Show at Grouse Mountain Log Rolling Log Rolling during the Lumberjack Show
Lumberjack Show Pole Climbing Pole Climbing
Welcome to Grouse Mountain The Grouse Mountain resort has excellent facilities

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