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Deep Cove Photo Essay: Vancouver’s Weekend Getaway

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Colourful kayaks on the beach in Deep Cove Outside the Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak rental shop, you can make your pick and paddle away!

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We are introducing a brand new series of Photo Essays! Have a look at amazing Photo Sets all shot by talented photographers. Explore the vibe of the city, its hidden treasures, explore Vancouver! This time, let's have a look at Vancouver through the lens of Kevin Eng!

Deep Cove coast sunrise The first sun beams hit the quiet and peaceful community
Main shopping strip Deep Cove Road The main strip Deep Cove Road is full of cozy cafes

The Deep Cove Community

When you head east of North Vancouver, you will find yourself in the beautiful community of Deep Cove, also affectionately called “The Cove” by locals. This small town with a picturesque marina is just about 13 kilometres away from Vancouver and therefore a frequent weekend retreat for many.

Especially in the 1910s, this area that once belonged to the Squamish Salish Natives territories, started to become a popular summer resort with many new cabins and a local yacht club that had sprung up along the waterfront. Start with a visit to the town; stroll down its narrow streets or walk along the pier. The local Community Centre features a small art gallery and an archive. Its collection of more than 4,000 photographs dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, capturing the essence of the life of pioneers during that time. A little trivia: the first mountain bikes came to Vancouver thanks to The Deep Cove Bike Shop! And a little Hollywood secret on top of this: the actor Ben Affleck has also fallen in love with this peaceful location and bought a house here.

When you’re craving some natural beauty, this is definitely a place to visit! Mountains, forests, and the ocean combined — and all just minutes away from the big city. Test your skills on the Baden-Powel Trail accessed from Panorama Drive; after about 40 minutes of easy walking it leads up to Quarry Rock viewpoint, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole bay. The most popular activities here are connected with the water: sailing, kayaking, and fishing. You can rent a canoe at the Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak Centre and get an exciting lesson with an instructor. Just as beautiful is experiencing the marina after night fall.

small white motor boat A new day starts lazily
Rowboat lessons Get some rowboat lessons before you hit the waters!
Pier Deep Cove Yacht Club Deep Cove Yacht Club
Shells of mussels and barnacles

The Baden Powell Trail hiking near Deep Cove
The Baden Powell Trail is perfect for hiking! And the views are just stunning.
Deep Cove marina at night The marina at night
Deep Cove Shaw Theatre and gift shop The Deep Cove Shaw Theatre and gift shop are cultural meeting points of the community
Deep Cove public docks and walkway Deep Cove public docks and walkway

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Meet the Photographer

Kevin Eng

Kevin Eng

Kevin's passion for photography has encouraged others to see the splendor and beauty of nature right at their doorstep, as he captures the sights of the day, and colors and mystery of world while it sleeps. Many of the subjects of his work are based locally in his hometown in Vancouver, B.C, where he first discovered his fascination with night photography. Kevin is a currently working as a music teacher, music director for his church, and landscape photographer.

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  1. Karl Dopf

    Great pictures, memories, used to live in the District of North Vancouver and spent many good days down by the inlet watching the kayakers and boaters launch out of there. Was there this spring again with our dragon boat team and had an enjoyable day racing.

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  3. Deep Cove

    That kind of rowing boats are called ‘rowing shells’.

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