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Galleries in Vancouver: Fine Craft

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Ruth Jones Tapestry in Circle Craft Gallery
Ruth Jones Tapestry in Circle Craft
We’re trying to create a complex and sensible series about the most interesting galleries in Vancouver for you. So far, you could have read featured articles presenting Vancouver’s First Nations and Inuit and Artist-run galleries. The next bunch of galleries in line is very special and it has a long tradition as part of Vancouver’s art scene. Wood, glass, and ceramic crafts are currently experiencing a little decline in popularity since many people jumped on the bandwagon of simple, minimalistic approaches when decorating their homes. Glass is the only one of the three that’s still modern, but only in a very limited sense. It’s a pity that glass works masters are pushed to limit their creativity and blow simple, cold shapes rather than the beautiful shapes and colours they’re able to create with their genius.

It’s time to get carried away a bit. If you let it happen, your reward would be a world of creativity, shapes, and colours you would have never imagined could look so amazing.

Andrighetti Glass Gallery (Map)

Necklace by Joanne Andrighetti Necklace by Joanne Andrighetti
Andrighetti Glass Gallery often features work by some of top local glass artists, including Ilona Lindsay, Lisa Samphire, Gary Bolt, Naoko Takenouchi, Morna Tudor, and of course, Joanne Andrighetti. Adrighetti Glass Works and Gallery has moved to the Terminal City Glass Co-op with a hot shop, a flame-working studio, a cold-working room, and a sandblaster. The studio is open seven days a week and has all kinds of extra amenities that haven’t been available before. The shop and gallery are located right next to it, functioning independently from the co-op.

Andrighetti Glass Works used to offer classes, and they continue in the new location as well. There are all kinds of classes offered at Terminal City: Beadmaking, Boro, Furnacework (Glassblowing), and Sandblasting for beginners and advanced crafters. There are also lectures and demonstrations. Adrighetti Glass Works and Gallery is truly the place where glass feels alive.

Website: www.andrighetti.com
Phone: 604-731-8652

Circle Craft Co-Operative Shop & Gallery (Map)

Circle Craft is a unique BC Artist Cooperative dedicated to providing opportunities for craftspeople to connect with the community. Formed in 1972, Circle Craft has grown to become a major force in the marketing and promotion of quality craft utilizing, as they say, it’s a “direct from the artist approach.”

Circle Craft is well-known among some people mainly because of its November Christmas Craft Show at the Convention Centre, but what is truly charming about this particular gallery is the sale and show of over 200 local artists’ and artisans’ works. Circle Craft supports all types of fine crafts, from jewellery and stonework to glass work and pottery. Circle Craft aims to promote the development, recognition, and success of members and their work, and I think they’ve done a pretty amazing job so far.

Website: www.circlecraft.net
Phone: 604-669-8021

Gallery of BC Ceramics (Map)

Gallery of BC Ceramics Gallery of BC Ceramics
The Gallery of BC Ceramics has been showcasing high-quality juried ceramics for nearly 25 years in its exhibition space and juried retail shop on Granville Island. The Gallery of BC Ceramics is owned and operated by the Potters Guild of British Columbia, which is a non-profit organization. The shop allows the public to enjoy and purchase ceramics from over 100 local artists at any given time. You’ll find mugs, plates, bowls, vases, tiles, jewellery, and sculptures of very high quality, and if you’re interested in buying something, you’ll be able to get something for a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a unique, handmade gift that supports local artists, make sure to check out the Gallery of BC Ceramics. The gallery staff is very friendly, helpful, and available to guide customers. The frequent turnover in exhibits and stock means that even a regular visitor is constantly surprised by what’s on display, which is quite a pleasant bonus for such a small gallery.

Website: www.bcpotters.com
Phone: 604-669-3606

Glass Onion Studio & Gallery (Map)

A quirky East-side studio and public gallery, Glass Onion showcases some pretty bizarre creations by local artists. A gallery that has neither email nor a website doesn’t look very good at first site, but when you come in, you’ll find out that this is not a drawback but a specialty. Glass Onion started out as a place for glasswork artisans only, but the studio has totally let loose and now encompasses a swarm of media. Take, for example, "memory boxes" by Eric Allen Montgomery, which are evocative, three-dimensional assemblages of rusty roadside bits and other everyday items designed to induce personal recollections in the observer.

The best time to visit the gallery is to catch openings on the first Friday of every month, held regularly from May to September. Various other showcases of feature artists also run from October to April every year. Located out of the usual pathways of every tourist and mainstream gallery hunter, situated in a rustic spot near railroad tracks, you’ll have to venture off the beaten path to find it, but that’s the true spirit of Glass Onion. When you want to experience something truly exciting in one of the most interesting parts of Vancouver, Glass Onion is quite the place to visit.

Phone: 604-258-4103

Robert Held Art Glass (Map)

Robert Held Art Glass Robert Held Art Glass
I think it would be best to start with Robert Held’s own words:
Being physical with colour and form is my love. After experimenting with many different media, I discovered glass and was instantly captivated. The clarity of the glass, the roar of the furnaces, the heat, and even the constant danger were all factors that influenced my choice of this difficult yet beautiful medium. I strive to create pieces that provide both a tactile and visual pleasure. It is through this experience that I can share my passion for glass with the world.
These words perfectly reflect my opinion on the crown jewel of fine crafts, glasswork.

For over 25 years, Robert Held has led the Canadian art glass industry, establishing the first college-level art glass program and influencing the art across North America. His pieces are in the collections of royalty and governments and can be part of your home collection. Mr Held is truly one of the finest craftsmen in British Columbia, if not in the whole country. Using techniques that date back 2,000 years, Robert Held Art Glass continues to amaze — especially the new Crucible line of collectible vases crafted with dichroic glass and 24-carat-gold leafing. Robert’s glasswork graces the tables of royalty, and his glass sculptures can be found in major collections such as the Roland Michener and the Indusman. Robert Held Art Glass is still the biggest hot glass studio in Canada.

Website: www.robertheld.com
Phone: 888-786-9766 (Toll-free)

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