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Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary Celebrations: September

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Celebrate Vancouver 125 Celebrate Vancouver 125

September opens the last third of this year’s celebrations, and truly, there is a lot to look forward to. Events and initiatives presenting and celebrating various parts of the city, such as the Oakridge and False Creek communities, will prove that Vancouverites are not only culturally rich, but also know how to enjoy celebrations. Various musical and literature-related events will help you fill your free time as well. Let’s take advantage of the rich program Vancouver has to offer in September! At the beginning of September, you’ll also have the chance to experience a festival of Taiwanese culture, 2011 TELUS TAIWANfest.

Songs of the False Creek Flats

Songs of the False Creek Flats Songs of the False Creek Flats

If you’re a fan of False Creek history, mythology, and architecture, you should probably be the first in line for this event. Anabel Vaughan, a well known Vancouver architect, and Veda Hille, a singer and musician, are going to dig into these topics in September. The event, presented by Theatre Replacement, will take place at the Western Front. You’ll be given a artistic map depicting False Creek from their view, so you can walk around and see all the places presented that evening.

Turning Point Ensemble — Vancouver Snapshots 125

Turning Point Ensemble Turning Point Ensemble

This two-day event, running from September 10th to 11th, will feature some of Vancouver’s most talented musicians together in the Turning Point Ensemble and the Orchid Ensemble, accompanied by soprano Heather Pawsey. You will have a chance to attend a gala concert at the Roundhouse on the Saturday evening (September 9th), and on the following day, various musical walking tours. But that’s not all there is! The Turning point and the Orchid Ensembles have also prepared workshops and symposia for those more interested in classical music and the history of Vancouver. Curator David Duke will also walk you through snapshots from Vancouver’s history.

Oakridge Block Party

Oakbridge Block Party Oakbridge Block Party

The Oakridge community is throwing a party! Come and take part in this unique opportunity to meet all the neighbours, local organizations, merchants, and services. This year’s theme, “We’ve Got Roots!”, promises to give you insight into the history of the community and its culture, focusing on 50s. So don’t forget the best 50s outfit your wardrobe can offer, and win the best costume competition! Great food and live concerts are not solely for adults: organizers are going to prepare a large kids’ zone, so the event will be family-friendly. This year’s charity of choice is the Rick Hansen Foundation. You can leave your donations with party volunteers. Make sure you’ll be there on September 11th, from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M..

Healthy by Nature Forum

Healthy by Nature Healthy by Nature

The Creekside Community Recreation Centre is going to host a unique forum about the connection between physical health, mental well-being, and nature on September 20th and 23rd. Qualified participants like Dr. William Bird (MBE), Frances E (Ming) Kuo (PhD), Gil Penalosa (MBA), and many others will discuss how to best to spend time in nature, what makes for healthy ecosystems, and how parks improve human well-being. Participants will discuss the importance of urban and community planning and confront their opinions with the situation in Vancouver and B.C.

Hogan’s Alley Poetry Festival

Hogans Alley Hogans Alley

Various literary performances will let you compare the approaches of different Vancouver communities towards literature, story telling, and spoken word. The Hogan’s Alley Poetry Festival is a result of the collaboration of the Black Dot Roots and Culture Collective and the National Congress of Black Women. The event runs from September 23rd to September 25th at these venues:

- September 23rd: Vancity Theatre
- September 24th: Jimi Hendrix Shrine and Hogan’s Alley Cafe
- September 25th: ‘This Is Strathcona’ MacLean Park and Calabash Bistro

Word on the Street Festival by
Word on the Street Festival
by Kevin Cawley

The Vancouver Book and Magazine Fair Society producing The Word On The Street Festival

Unlike previous years’ festivals, this one is going to be a full, three-day event! (September 23rd to 25th) Along with the history of Vancouver’s literature, the festival will present its contemporary face as well. You can enjoy the Downtown Eastside writing showcase, which will be presented on September 24th in the Carnegie Centre.

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