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Most Important Vancouver Apps

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Apps became an important part of the lives of all those who want to function effectively in the information age. Let’s introduce some of the best apps that will help visitors and Vancouverites discover the Vancouver’s potential!

Go Play Golf! (Free)

Go Play Golf Screenshot Go Play Golf Screenshot

If you’re a fan of Canadian greens, this is the app that will help you adjust your plans for playing a golf all across Canada. The biggest advantage of this app is its precision in predicting the weather on the golf course you want to visit. It also keeps directions to all courses in Canada. It is also locally specific, since it allows your preferred courses to offer you deals. If you want, you can also keep your scores and track them throughout the season. It also generates tips based on the statistics entered, and golfing news. It can connect to social networks as well. All in all, Go Play Golf! is an application that is very easy and pleasant to work with.

Vancouver Free Wifi Screenshot Vancouver Free Wifi Screenshot

Vancouver Free WiFi

An app that enables you to find a Cafe or Restaurant with a free WiFi hotspot. It stores all the places in your iPhone or iPod Touch memory so you can find them without internet access. With Vancouver Free WiFi, you can search for hotspots via your geographical location, postal code, or the name of the neighbourhood you’re in. You might find the feature that searches for the nearest WiFi spot to subway stations very useful as well.

Vancouver Bike Routes Screenshot Vancouver Bike Routes Screenshot

Vancouver Bike Routes App (Free)

Take your bike to the beautiful streets of Vancouver. Do you want to see the city from a bit of a different perspective and live more actively as well? Have no fear, this app will guide you through the city’s bike routes and more. Vancouver Bike Routes app also shows the altitude of your current location, the speed you’re currently biking at, and time elapsed. Help Vancouver get greener and help yourself get fitter!

TransLink Screenshot TransLink Screenshot

TransLink App (Free)

Trying to find the information on when the next bus is coming? This app will tell you what the schedules for Vancouver’s buses, WestCoast Express, SkyTrain, and SeaBus. It also warns you about service alerts and access the GVRD transit maps. The downside is that the TransLink app needs a WiFi connection to work, and you need to know which bus schedule to search for beforehand.

Street Food Vancouver Screenshot Street Food Vancouver Screenshot

Street Food Vancouver (Free)

Are you lost in the vast number of new street food vendors? Do you seem to lack the talent for finding a good one? It’s nothing to worry about. Street Food Vancouver will help you locate the nearest and most popular of them — everything from Pan-Asian cuisine, croissants, and pizza to one of the best sandwiches in Vancouver. You can browse contact information, directions, and opening hours, and select and save your favourites.

Tap Map Screenshot Tap Map Screenshot

Tap Map (Free)

Do you remember Metro Vancouver’s campaign against the over-usage of disposable plastic water bottles? Tap map app is here to help you refill your own water bottle anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area. It contains locations of over 550 drinking fountains offering fresh and pure tap water.

iParks Explorer (Free)

iParks Explorer Screenshot iParks Explorer Screenshot

iParks Explorer app is supported by both iPhone and iPad. It offers information about 22 Metro Vancouver regional parks, including services, locations, facilities, and driving and walking directions, as well as local transit information. If you want to visit these parks to see some events organized there, the app includes schedules so you can surprise your family with a nice afternoon in the park with a program included!

Canucks App (Free) and Canucks Live App

Canucks Screenshot Canucks Screenshot

Both of these apps are available for both iPhone and Blackberry in Canucks Mobile section. Are you a proud Vancouverite and a fan of the Canucks? These apps give your favourite ice-hockey team at your fingertips! The free Canucks app allows you to access photo galleries, social media feeds, live behind-the scenes videos from the games, message boards, and the Canucks interactive schedule. The Canucks Live App grants you live game streaming and condensed archived games to remember the winning moments. Go Canucks!

The Vancouver Sun App

Vancouver Sun Screenshot Vancouver Sun Screenshot

The Vancouver Sun app for iPad offers the reader the whole portfolio of the Vancouver Sun, including articles, videos, and photographs. The great thing about this app is that it allows you to download articles, stories, and even sections for future offline reading. The “Popular Stories Around Me” feature allows you to find out what people in your neighbourhood, region, or province are interested in. Indicators also help you distinguish updated and new articles. Sometimes the app doesn’t respond as you wish. Restarting it helps solve the problem, but it still needs some debugging.

This is just a small selection from the sea of apps that are available for download. What do you think are the most interesting apps for your Vancouver life? Let us know your list of apps that you use daily!

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