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Moving guide #1 – Professionals or do-it yourself?

Parmiter Antiques Southsea Luggage by THOR Picture by THOR

Moving your belongings from one place to another has never been easy. But as with everything, there are always some tips & tricks proven by years of practice that can help you to accomplish this difficult task successfully. So we have prepared a series of articles dealing with all the different aspects of moving, including the cost, the insurance, how to choose among the professionals and other issues.

More you can read in our Vancouver moving guide first article Professionals or Do-It-Yourself?

This part should you help to decide whether to move to a new house with the help of professionals or not.

Winter Home Maintenance – Eleven Easy Steps to Prevent Disasters

Winter is a challenging time for every house owner. Wheather conditions shift to extreme and below zero temperatures can permanently damage many components of your home. Take your time to go through the following checkpoints and fix smaller isssues. Not taking winter care seriously can lead to disasters - broken pipes being just one of them.

(Winter Home Maintenance - Eleven Easy Steps to Prevent Disasters continued...)