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Renting out a Fully Furnished Property? It’s Not As Simple As It May Sound

photo by Cassandra Lavalle photo by Cassandra Lavalle

Renting out a fully furnished property is a great idea, especially if you own a small apartment or condo. Due to the type of life styles of people who usually rent these types of properties, they usually look for homes ready to be occupied without having to buy anything. Nevertheless, before you will be able to enjoy the extra cash you make by renting a fully furnished property, there are plenty of decisions to be made and lots to think about.

How much will it cost you?

First of all you?ve got to determine how much you will have to pay up front to set it all up. Go through the listings of available fully furnished properties in your area. The properties should be as similar to yours as possible in size, location and furnishing. Once you have a pretty good idea of the rent that is usually charged for a fully furnished property such as yours, list everything that you would have to purchase in order to fall into the category of 'fully furnished'.

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