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Best Brunch Places in Vancouver

Bruschetta LocusBruschetta Locus

Sometimes there is nothing better than staying in bed on Sunday morning until 10:00 or 11:00 and skipping breakfast (which we are too lazy to prepare anyway). Lunch happens to be a quick bite to eat, and dinner with family or friends might be quite a financial commitment. The solution? Brunch. Over the last few years, brunch has become very popular among Vancouverites, and it still feels like a special outing — despite over-crowded restaurants, long waits, and other (sometimes hungover) customers. That all may be as frustrating as reading James Joyce’s Ulysses; however, brunch somehow remains the most popular meal of the week. Moreover, brunch gives you a reason not to be ashamed to drink champagne in public before noon. Here is our list of the best brunch places in Vancouver.

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