Vancouver moving guide

Moving to a new home is difficult and stressful act. We have prepared this guide to help you to answer the most difficult questions about moving from your old home into the new one with the least possible troubles.

  1. Professionals or Do-It-Yourself?

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    First part of our Moving Guide serie. What's better - to do it yourself, or hire professionals? What kind of moving professionals can you find? And what should you take into consideration, when moving to a new home?

  2. Hidden costs of moving

    This article will break down the cost of moving houses to give you an idea of what to expect, both when moving on your own and when hiring a professional moving company.

  3. Packing before moving

    Third article in our Moving Guide series: Packing. Packing your belongings before moving out of your home is an activity which most people dread. To be successful with this operation, you will need plenty of time, boxes, various wrapping material and a system in place. Without a proper plan, the move is sure to become an even worse nightmare than it usually is.

  4. Moving and Insurance
    When you’re planning to move and you’re wondering about insurance, remember that no matter how careful you are in choosing movers, accidents can happen. What can be controlled is how effective your moving company is at resolving claims and making sure you’re adequately covered should an accident occur. This article will offer a basic orientation in moving insurance.

  5. Do It Yourself
    If you finally decide for DIY moving, you will soon realize it\'s not easy at all. Some people get overwhelmingly stressed during a move. Others seem to handle it with grace and a smile. But it’s not all personality and disposition—if you want to experience a stress-free move, follow these simple steps.

  6. How to Choose and Oversee the Work of Professionals

    Moving is quoted as being one of the most stressful experiences. The pressure is lower when you choose a professional service, but unfortunately you have not avoided all the troubles. Some of professionals are not so professional as you would like to believe...

  7. New Home, New Emotions

    A few tips that will get you through a hard move, and help you settle in your new home without any unwanted drama and stress that the process might bring.

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