Renovating Bathroom

Along with the kitchen renovation, the bathroom is just as important a room to enhance value. Therefore, if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are a few things you will want to consider. Here are some tips to help you update your bathroom and add value:

Bathroom by Kerry Vaughan Bathroom by Kerry Vaughan
  • One project that is well-known to boost home value is to simply add a second bathroom. Homes with only one bathroom can be harder to sell, and usually sell for much less than homes with two or more bathrooms. Adding a second bathroom can also enhance the livability of the home, whether you decide to sell or not. Installing another bathroom off the master bedroom can be a particularly valuable home improvement project, and a very desirable one for your family as well. The parents will love having their own private bathroom space, while the kids will love not having to share the single bathroom. However, from an investment point of view, it would be a poor idea to transform a three-bedroom house with one bathroom into a two-bedroom house with two bathrooms.
  • The flooring that you put in your bathroom can do a lot as far as adding value to your home. Flooring can give your bathroom an elegant look, or it can be unappealing. Decide what you want your floor to look like, and don’t forget that any extreme choice you may love might not suit everyone.

For a bathroom, there are several flooring options. However, if you want to add value to the house, your best bet is to use tile—ceramic, porcelain, or any other natural stone tile. Vinyl, laminate, or carpet do not add enhance the value of your house, as they are considered floor covering. Hardwood floors are not the best option either, since water will damage them.

  • The toilet is an integral part of the bathroom, both in form and function. If you remodel the whole bathroom and forget to replace your toilet with a newer, more attractive and efficient model it may just ruin all your efforts to boost the house value.
  • Adding a jet tub to the master bathroom can be another valuable home improvement project. These great tubs are wonderful to relax in, and their presence can add luxurious and elegant touch. And if you shop carefully, it may not even be as expensive or difficult as you may think.

As your bathroom renovation plans go forward, it’s important to give the room a unified look and feel. The colours, styles, and designs you choose for your remodeling project should fit and flow well with each other, and with the overall design of the home too. Choose a single theme for the bathroom and stick with it.

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