Renovating Basement

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With proper renovation, your basement can be turned into a real gem and gain important competitive advantage for your home on any market.

The main concern of every buyer when looking at a basement is the problem of water. If your basement is dry and properly insulated from the elements, it’s a big positive. However, if you have some sort of water problems, do something about it because it’ll be a huge negative.

One great way to invest in your home is to hire a basement remodelling contractor to help you take advantage of the unused space in your basement. A large number of basements in homes are unfinished and often possess quite a large amount of square footage. It would be a shame not to use this potential.

Finishing your basement can be a rewarding experience, but it requires a great deal of planning and preparation. The first problem you’ll find with this type of project is the ceiling height. The majority of basement ceilings are lower than the other ceilings in your home. This can be solved by finishing the ceiling around your ductwork.

When you’ve come to the flooring part of your basement project, carpet is highly recommended. When purchasing your carpet, go for the thicker carpets, and be sure to use good under-padding. The basement floor is usually made of concrete; by adding a little extra cushion it will make it more comfortable for your feet. The flooring upstairs is supported by wood, less harsh on the tootsies.

Adding a Home Cinema or Gym

These features are usually considered as being nonessential, although they will help to sell your home more quickly if the potential buyers are willing to pay extra for them. However, if done properly, both of these features can add from $30,000 to $60,000 in a large country house, according to various agents. A finished basement is a perfect place to accommodate either of these features.

Setting up a home cinema system can be a complicated and tedious task for the uninitiated. If you are starting from scratch and considering a few possible setups, then it is wise that you seek the advice of a home theatre specialist. A basic home theatre system should include a 27" or larger HDTV, video playing unit, stereo receiver with surround-sound capability, surround-sound speaker system, and, of course, comfy furniture.

Adding a gym in your basement is a great idea and doesn’t require much planning. The obvious problems that need to be addressed are:

  • The little extra ventilation
  • Adding lots of warm lighting
  • Noise proofing (solves itself if you place your gym in your finished basement)
  • Adding rubber mats and mirrored walls
  • A good sound system

The rest is up to you to decide what gym equipment you’ll include. Research nearby stores that sell gym equipment. Ask about different brands, prices, and particular machines that you should include in your equipment set.

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