Some Useful Vancouver Links

I hope these links will help you find out more about Vancouver and the schools and amenities of your new area.

If there is anything about real estate or Vancouver that you would like to find here but can't - drop me a line at and I will add it to the page. Many thanks, Jay.

Vancouver by Roland TanglaoVancouver by Roland Tanglao

Vancouver real estate info at BC Estates

Visit Vancouver at Tourism Vancouver

The Vancouver School Board

For the Richmond schools and Education

For the City of Richmond

The City of White Rock

Other municipalities

Public Transportation - B.C. Transit

Richmond Links from Jay Banks

Community Centres Locations Map

Schools & Education

Parks & Recreation

Dixon School web site

Seafair and Richmond Transit Maps

The Richmond Phone Guy - quick and friendly phone installation

Richmond Restaurant and Dining Guide - Direct link to Richmond section of Vancouver dining reviews with restaurant and dining listings.

Some Reputable Agents