Business of the Month: Vancouver Special

For a few years now, I've been seeing a store as I walk down Main Street.  "vancouver special" is depicted in glowing green and white letters, above windows filled with housewares.  Feeling how I do about Vancouver Specials (the houses), I was intrigued; I had to find time to stop in to Vancouver Special (the store).  

vancouver special

I think it will not shock anyone to find that this boutique has very little to do with the houses built between 1965 and 1985.  What it special about it, though, is the impressive selection of imported products that it sells.  With everything from espresso cups to sofas, the store specializes in high end European and Asian products.

van special 2

The store is inviting, on the inside - in a sort of minimalist way.  The staff are friendly and helpful, but give you the space you need to browse without being too intrusive. The products are unique (not unlike our boxy houses), and some of the bigger ticket items would add some fantastic color and style to any home.

van special 1

What attracted me the most to the store was one particular line of products - Alessi. An Italian company, vancouver special imports and carries a variety of their products, only a few of which can be viewed here.  If you're looking for stylish and beautiful gifts, this is a great place to start.  Be sure to stop in next time you're on Main Street, and let me know what you think!  Check out their website,

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