Vancouver Specials: let’s show them the love they deserve!

Vancouver Special Streetscape 500 block E 27th
A block of Vancouver Specials: the 500 block of E 27th Ave.

When you think of a Vancouver Special, you probably think of a big, boxy, two level house. One that looks just like the another thousand houses in the city, and certainly not something you would want to live in. You imagine the inside as dated, and the outside as bland. And while there may be a few bland homes left in the city, Wikipedia states that "the homes may have now gained a certain vintage glamour." I certainly don't like to take Wikipedia as fact, but it does demonstrate that the popular opinion on specials is on the rise. And with good reason! There's the obvious bonus of the rental space on the main floor, but there are many other perks of the Special as well. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Many of the specials that we are seeing on the market have beautiful open concept top floors. The spaces upstairs are highly flexible, and walls can be knocked down or moved around to create your ideal family space.

An open concept kitchen in a Joe Wai Special. (Vancouver Sun) 
V1060957 3
The living dining area of a special currently on the market! (V1060957-3) 

Specials have limitless renovation possibilities. The basic structure of the home provides wonderful opportunities for owners to make the house their own. While some have opted for the west coast styling of wood siding, others have opted for more traditional grey siding, with glass accents. Each special has a modern flair, but retains the basic structure of the classic 1960's or 1970's special.

20th Ave E 312
Modern landscaping and structural accents give new life to this special.
3rd Ave E 2057
A wood exterior and new roof tiles help to accent the funky roof shape on this special.
Graveley St 2079
Wood and metal create a modern minimalist approach to this renovated special.
18th Ave E 116
Grey siding and glass create a cool look for this special's exterior.  

For a bonus feature, many of the specials in and around Vancouver feature lions. Yes, you read that right, lions. Some stand on guard proudly, some are ready to pounce, and some are merely chilling, but there are lions here there and everywhere. I know I would sleep safer at night if they were guarding my gate.

12th Ave E 1555
Nanaimo St 2671
Knight St 4755

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to give Vancouver Specials some love. If you want to see more on specials, check out a facebook page devoted to them here. And if you're interested in seeing Vancouver Specials for sale, check out my listings.

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