Vancouver Special Tour – April 26th, 2014

Vancouver Special Streetscape 500 block E 27th 2
Vancouver Special Streetscape 

Vancouver Special Tour 

This year (for the second year in a row), I am sponsoring the sixth annual Vancouver Specials tour, run by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation a charity that devotes their time and efforts to the conservation of Vancouver heritage. This tour has previously been in the fall, bu this year they've moved it to the Spring and it will take place on April 26th 2014 (tickets $30) from 1pm - 5pm.

The tour will consist of visiting five different Vancouver Specials, all renovated and unique in their own way. Among this year's selection will be a Joe Wai Vancouver Special. Joe Wai is a well-known architect that adapted the original Vancouver Special design to some particular challenges that were being faced in the Strathcona neighborhood in the 1970s. The idea was to create affordable housing at a time where the affordable housing in that community was quickly being demolished.

The team Joe Wai was working with (Thompson Berwick, Pratt and Partners) built a total of 51 units. Their challenge was to build on a budget for the average working class income. He stated that the idea was to design houses that were "simpler to put together than IKEA furniture.", and his vision paid off. More houses were up before people knew what had hit them and being affordable made these houses extremely popular.

Gladstone St 4715
Vancouver Special on Gladstone Street.

In the past, Vancouver Specials were seen as the "ugly duckling" of residential neighbourhoods. More recently, Vancouverite's with a keen eye for potential recognized the opportunity inherent in the architectural style. Today, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation is helping to highlight the many creative and unique adaptations of the Vancouver Special which cater to the owners own taste and imagination. You can take a look at some Vancouver Specials Renovation to see some examples as well as an in-depth guide to how you can renovate your own Vancouver Special.

The large supply Vancouver Specials as well as their adaptability have made them very attractive to first time buyers. They can cater to people from all walks of life for all needs whether that be someone's first family home, large extended families, to immense revenue generators.

You can learn more about the history of Vancouver Specials by attending the tour, and, if you are curious for more information, check out more information here:

Vancouver Special Characteristics 

Vancouver Specials currently for sale 

FAQ's on Vancouver Specials

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