Vancouver Is the Most Walkable City in Canada!

Walking by Mo Riza
Walking by Mo Riza

More than 300 cities and 1,200 neighbourhoods across the country were included in the Seattle-based Walk Score®. Vancouver ranked first with 78 points, beating Toronto at second place with a score of 71, and Montreal took third with 70 points.

Walk Score® makes it easy for apartment renters and homebuyers to find neighbourhoods where they can drive less and live more. Walk Score’s® walkability ranking is the only international, quantitative ranking of walkability. Cities and neighbourhoods are ranked on a scale of 0-100. Walk Score® uses a rating system based on whether the neighbourhood has a centre (a walkable area for social gatherings), the accessibility of public transit, pedestrian-friendly design (buildings close to the street, parking lots relegated to the back), the proximity of schools and workplaces (close enough that most residents can walk from their homes), multi-purpose streets (streets designed for pedestrians, motor vehicles, and cyclists equally).

Walk Score® CEO Josh Herst said for CNW:

Even in the cold of winter, a growing movement of people are looking for alternatives to long commutes and car dependence. Canada’s most walkable cities and neighbourhoods make it easier for residents to leave their cars at home more often which is great for your wallet, health, environmental impact, and quality of life.

According to independent research conducted by CEOs for Cities, one point of Walk Score® adds up to US$3,000 to home values. Indeed, the value of living in a neighbourhood with a high Walk Score is essential. You don’t have to wait in traffic jams every morning when commuting to work, your children’s school is right around the corner, and your shopping can be done within the five streets surrounding your house — these great perks are all common in Vancouver. The community also benefits from reduced pollution (something cities like Beijing should be looking into), improved traffic, and overall happier residents.

Walk Score
What's your Walk Score?

We believe that by adding Walk Score® ratings to our listings, we’ll enable buyers to make a more informed decision and we’ll offer a deeper insight into communities, so I’ve decided to add the Walk Score® to all the MLS® listings on my website.

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