Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant by Wikimedia Commons2
Mount Pleasant by Wikimedia Commons

Mount Pleasant is a vibrant neighbourhood currently undergoing a process of quite rapid gentrification. In recent years, it has successfully evolved from a somewhat off-the track area to one of the hottest neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Close proximity to the city centre and lower prices than Kits and Yaletown make it an easy goal for hip and artsy types living in the city.


Mount Pleasant is situated southeast from downtown with its upper left corner reaching to False Creek. Officially, the neighbourhood extends from Cambie Street to Clark Drive to the east and west, and from 2nd Avenue on the north to 16th Avenue and Kingsway to the south. Mount Pleasant benefits from the fact that Canada Line, an extension from Downtown to the airport, serves the area.


Mount Pleasant 1898 by Lee Down
Mount Pleasant in 1898 by Lee Down

Thanks to the stream flowing through the area and proximity to downtown, Mount Pleasant became a centre of early industry, including several breweries, which is why the stream was nicknamed Brewery Creek. Its favourable location and good job opportunities lured in blue collar inhabitants. Consequently, the area was quite densely populated already at the dawn of the 20th Century, and Mount Pleasant can be viewed as the very first Vancouver suburb zone.

Unfortunately, many original houses were demolished especially from the 1930s to 1960s as the expansion of industrial and office buildings took place. The area only started to lose its sketchy and industrial feeling in the 1990s, when people realized its potential as a residential area.

Real Estate

Over the past twenty years, Mount Pleasant’s real estate market has evolved into one of Vancouver’s hotspots. The area offers a wide range of housing for almost everyone. You’ll find low-rise apartments and lofts in converted factories and warehouses as well as renovated original detached houses. As the Mount Pleasant’s star rises, multi-story condominium buildings have appeared, often offering high-brow apartments for the better-off dwellers.

House in Mount Pleasant by Wendy Cutler
House in Mount Pleasant by Wendy Cutler

The population residing in the area is known for great diversity, as Mount Pleasant attracts young professionals and a growing number of young families as well as city hipsters and artists looking for authentic living in the heart of Vancouver. The vibrancy and charm of the place make it one of the fastest transforming neighbourhoods. It may be a clever choice to purchase realty now, as the prices are expected to go consistently up over the following years.

When looking for a new home, it is also important to note that parts of Mount Pleasant are more and more frequently referred to as South Main or SoMa – especially the area around Main Street, the commercial centre of the neighbourhood.


China Creek North Park

1001 E 7th Avenue

All jogging fans will love China Creek North Park’s jogging trails, offering stunning views of the North Shore Mountains from the higher points.

China Creek South Park

1255 E 10th Avenue

Vancouver’s very first skate park can be found in China Creek South, a 1.47 hectare park full of quiet spots and informal paths.

Guelph Park

2390 Brunswick Avenue

Guelph is a lovely park that features facilities for active recreation – tennis courts as well as a tree-lined field. Locals also like taking an evening stroll in this pleasant retreat after a day spent in concrete jungle.

Jonathan Rogers Park

110 W 7th Avenue

Beside space for sport or quiet rest, the park offers a little community garden. The slopes of Jonathan Rogers can also be used for sledging if there’s enough snow.

Major Matthews Park

2627 Manitoba Street

Major Matthews Park by Wendy Cutler
Major Matthews Park by Wendy Cutler

This small green spot includes a children’s playground and a nice grassy field for picnics.

Mount Pleasant Park

3161 Ontario Street

Mount Pleasant Park
Mount Pleasant Park

The true community park, currently under reconstruction. Once opened, it will feature a central lawn area, a playground, and even an entry-level skate spot.

Park Cite at South East False Creek

215 W 1st Avenue

The park’s specialty is its rainwater wetland with native plants. Children love the park, since there’s plenty to explore in their masterfully constructed play area. The park also includes an off-leash area.

Robson Park

599 Kingsway

Beautiful park full of trees and community gardens on the edge of the neighbourhood.

Sahalli Park

E 7th Avenue & Fraser Street

The name Sahalli comes from Chinook language, denoting “high place or ground.” Visitors may enjoy views of the neighbourhood from this little park known for its red brick paths.

Tea Swamp Park

266 E 15th Avenue

Once a large swamp was located at this site, full of the Labrador tea plants, hence the name Tea Swamp Park. Visiting the park must be a pleasant experience for all, with its rose-lined seating area and colourful community gardens giving it its welcoming spirit.

h3. Admiral Seymour Elementary

Admiral Seymour Elementary School by Wikimedia Commons
Admiral Seymour Elementary School
by Wikimedia Commons

1130 Keefer Street

Fraser Elementary

100 West 15th Avenue

Lord Strathcona Elementary

592 East Pender Street

Mount Pleasant Elementary

2300 Guelph Street

Nightingale Elementary

2740 Guelph Street

St. Francis Xavier School

428 Great Northern Way

St. Patrick’s Elementary School

2850 Quebec Street

St. Patrick’s Secondary School

115 East 11th Avenue


Main Street Shopping by Waferboard
Main Street Shopping by Waferboard

Most commercial buzz is centred along East Broadway and Main Street. While Main Street is home to some of the trendiest clothes boutiques and retail stores in Vancouver, Campers Village shopping district along East Broadway features the top outdoor and sports stores. The fact that Mount Pleasant is one of the emerging neighbourhoods full of artsy hipsters attracts many young innovative designers who benefit from the somewhat more favourable prices in the area and give the local shopping scene an independent touch.

Eating out

Cascade Room

2616 Main St.

This lounge and restaurant bar in the very heart of SoMa brings a bit of downtown feeling into Mount Pleasant. Choose a beer from their wide offer or try delicious Tagliatelle Amatricianana from their menu.

Ba le Deli & Bakery

701 Kingsway

One of the favourite Vietnamese subs in the city. As one customer described it, “It’s cheap fresh and super tasty!”


2301 Main Street

Amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurant. You can’t go wrong ordering their nachos or Goman. The negative is that the venue can get a bit overcrowded during the rush hours.

Cascade Room

2616 Main Street

Great place for a date and even better for getting a great meal. The service is usually nice and helpful, and the delicious food is supplemented by a decent liquor selection.


151 West Broadway


Don’t miss chicken souvlaki in this Greek/pizza/burger place. Martini’s visitors enjoy nice character with the cabin feel, and the portions are known to be massive at a reasonable price.

Community, Arts and Cultural Centres

Mount Pleasant Community Centre

1 Kingsway (at Main Street)

The Mount Pleasant Community Centre is a colourful, multi-service civic centre that offers a wide range of services for the inhabitants of Mount Pleasant. The centre features a gym and climbing wall, a fitness centre, a dancing studio, a new public library, and a cafe.

Other Notable Places

Vancouver’s City Hall

453 West 12th Avenue

Vancouvers City Hall by Wikimedia Commons
Vancouvers City Hall by Wikimedia Commons

The city hall was opened in 1936 on Vancouver’s 50th birthday celebration as a result of mayor McGeer’s efforts to interlink Mountain Pleasant to the rest of the city. The architecture of the building carries typical features of the 1930s governmental style all over the world – reminiscent of classicism with column-like shafts and evoking a feeling of greatness and the might of the government. (In case you ever wondered what Kafka’s castle looked like…)

Heritage Hall

Corner of Main Street and 15th Avenue

Heritage Hall and its former postal station were built in 1915 and remain as a perfect example of Beaux-arts Classicism. This beautiful building with steep roofs and clock tower is used by the Mount Pleasant community as a meeting hall and headquarters of several citizens’ organizations.

The Former Evangelistic Tabernacle

Corner of 10th Avenue and Quebec Street

The 1909 building that was formerly home to the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church was built with inspiration drawn from Tudor style. In the 1990s, the old church building was divided into several private condominiums.


You can take a look at the more detailed statistics on age groups, families or households in the report by City of Vancouver.

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