Kensington-Cedar Cottage

East Vancouver by DArcy Norman
East Vancouver by DArcy Norman

Kensington-Cedar Cottage is a neighbourhood located in east Vancouver. It’s known for its rich mix of inhabitants of all nationalities, cultures, and social statuses. People living in Kensington-Cedar Cottage also enjoy memorable city and mountain views and access to some of the best schools in the city as well as beautiful parks and access to the city’s only lake, Trout Lake.


Kensington-Cedar Cottage is situated in east Vancouver, stretching between the Fraser Street to the west and Nanaimo Street to the east as well as between 16th Avenue and Broadway to the north and 41st Avenue to the south. The central position within the city enables great mobility for the neighbourhood’s inhabitants. The public transit system provides direct links to Downtown Vancouver and Burnaby, and two SkyTrain stations are in close proximity to the area.


Trout Lake Ice Rink by Wikimedia Commons
Trout Lake Ice Rink by Wikimedia Commons

Kensington-Cedar Cottage consists of two historic neighbourhoods: Cedar Cottage (north of Kingsway) and Kensington (south of Kingsway). The name Cedar Cottage comes from the very first business run in the area at the end of the 19th century, the Cedar Cottage Nursery. The first inhabitants settled around the 3500-3600 blocks of Commercial Drive to form a village. However this was soon to be transformed into a suburban area packed with industry and blue-collar residential buildings, just like most areas in East Vancouver. After WWII, the neighbourhood received significant aid from the City, aiming at improving the wellbeing of the community. The library, parks, and Trout Lake community Centre were all built then. In the following decades, Kensington-Cedar Cottage became a popular destination for immigrants, making it the diverse and colourful place it is today.

Real Estate

Kensington-Cedar Cottage features several types of residential housing. Most inhabitants live in detached duplexes, followed by single-detached houses and low-rise apartments. A few of semi-detached houses and row houses can be found too, but they aren’t very typical for the neighbourhood.

Its two most important house development periods in the 20th century occurred before WWII and during the 1990s, when young professionals and investors realized that Kensington-Cedar Mountain could become an interesting residential alternative to pricy downtown areas. Nowadays, out of the more than 44,000 inhabitants of the neighbourhood, over two thirds decided to purchase realty in the area — maybe due to ever-rising rents, at about $790 in 2006.


Brewers Park

4175 Victoria Avenue

Brewers Park by Jan Zeschky
Brewers Park by Jan Zeschky

Terraced into three areas, Brewers Park offers its visitors diverse free-time opportunities such as playing tennis, basketball, or soccer or to refresh themselves in a little wading pool.

Cedar Cottage Park

2650 Clark Drive

Take a break from your office work and steal a quiet moment on a bench under beautiful pine trees in this small park near major roads.

Clark Park

1500 East 14th Avenue

Clark Park features an inviting, extensive grassy field, perfect for sporting activities as well as lovely paths through a forest-like area in the middle of the urban jungle.

General Brock Park

2301 Brock Street

Welcoming, gently rolling, grassy hills in General Brock Park greet visitors to this quiet place. Choose General Brock for a picnic with your friends or for sunbathing in the summer.

Glen Park

3999 Glen Drive

Glen Park is always full of playing children, as it is used by a nearby school. You can walk around or just daydream here. Secret tip: the grand old chestnut at the east side of the park is an especially good shelter from the sun.

Grays Park

4850 St. Catherines Street

Don’t miss an opportunity to have a nice weekend picnic lunch with your family in a beautifully designed picnic shelter in Grays Park. After your meal, you can take a leisurely stroll through local gardens or sit down for a bit of relaxation in one of the numerous arbours here.

Jones Park

5350 Commercial Street

Grand western red cedars surround the playground of Jones Park, a popular spot for all children and even more popular for citizens looking for a calm place with lush green views. The park also includes an off-leash area for dogs.

Kensington Park

5175 Dumfries Street

Kensington Park by Wikimedia Commons
Kensington Park by Wikimedia Commons

Kensington Park includes a lively community centre that always buzzes with activity as well as a brand new skate park. Some of its features are designed in retro style, such as bowl that mimics an empty swimming pool.

Kingcrest Park

4150 Knight Street

After renovation in 2005, Kingcrest Park got a new playground, improved playing fields, a picnic area with benches, as well as new paths and more trees. The open spaces on the park’s slopes are perfect for picnics with friends on sunny days.


Queen Alexandra Elementary

Queen Alexandra Elementary by Wikimedia Commons
Queen Alexandra Elementary by Wikimedia

1300 East Broadway

Laura Secord Elementary

2500 Lakewood Drive

Lord Beaconsfield Elementary

3663 Penticton Street

John Norquay Elementary

4710 Slocan Street

Lord Selkirk Elementary

1750 East 22nd Avenue

Tyee Elementary

3525 Dumfries Street

Charles Dickens Elementary

3877 Glen Drive

Vancouver Technical Secondary (French Immersion)

2600 East Broadway

Gladstone Secondary

4105 Gladstone Street


Community Carnival

Each June, a community carnival full of fun and entertainment for all ages is held in the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House. Visitors can enjoy lots of games, a silent auction, a flea market, face painting, and clowns.

Good Neighbours Awards

The Good Neighbours Awards is an annual event organized by the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of Greater Vancouver to celebrate the hard work of the volunteers who made significant contributions to the community.

Eating Out

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub

3728 Clark Drive

Best Burger by Marita
Best Burger by Marita

Probably one of the best burger places in the city with affordable prices, their buffet includes mini salmon bagels, salads, eggs, bacon, sausages, bennys, and pancakes — basic, but all we need!

Western Lake Chinese Seafood

989 Victoria Drive

The dishes at Western Lake are always delicious and come in huge portions (try some dim sum to check it yourself). The service is also excellent, and customers get tea refills whenever they ask.

El Caracol Café

5190 Victoria Drive

This Latin American restaurant has earned its name as the place with authentic and delicious food with plenty of vegetarian choices on the menu. Our recommendation: purposas or sopa de mariscos.

Café Kathmandu

2779 Commercial Drive

Commercial Drive is the place for world cuisines, and the friendly Nepalese owner of this amazing restaurant will prove that there is a reason to choose Café Kathmandu. You can’t go wrong by trying their vegetable steamed dumplings with hot sauce and cilantro chutney.

House of Dosas

1391 Kingsway

Dosas in this restaurant are just like the ones served in southern parts of India: light, crispy, and tasty. If you can’t decide yourself, go for their aloo gobi dosa or eggplant curry.

Pho Quyen

3916 Fraser Street

If you’re looking for a true Vietnamese noodle/soup restaurant, Pho Quyen will make your day. Their ingredients are always fresh, and if you don’t get scared by the rather dark atmosphere of the venue, you will surely be satisfied. Our tip: wonton soup with seafood.


Kingsway Street by Wikimedia Commons
Kingsway Street by Wikimedia Commons

Kingsway, cutting diagonally through the neighbourhood, is the main shopping street in the area. It features several Korean stores and restaurants and the huge Collingwood-Kingsway Mall at East 41st Street as well as numerous specialty grocery stores for your cooking adventures. Kingsway also connects Kensington-Cedar Cottage to downtown Vancouver.

Other Notable Places

John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park

3300 Victoria Drive

Trout Lake by Wikimedia Commons
Trout Lake by Wikimedia Commons

Trout Lake is a popular destination for visitors from all around the city. This huge park with the beautiful and tranquil Trout Lake in its heart offers a wide range of opportunities. An especially great time for a visit is during the annual lantern festival, when the park is filled with magically glowing lights.


You can take a look at the more detailed statistics on age groups, families or households in the report by City of Vancouver.

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