Hastings Sunrise Neighbourhood by Wikimedia Commons
Hastings Sunrise Neighbourhood
by Wikimedia Commons

Hastings-Sunrise is a primarily residential, strongly family-oriented community known for its multicultural vibe. The area is full of beautiful old character homes, parks, and great ethnic restaurants scattered around East Hastings Street, Broadway, and Nanaimo Street.


Hastings-Sunrise is positioned in the northeastern part of the city. The neighbourhood extends from Boundry Road to the East to Nanaimo Street to the West and from the Burrard Inlet on the north to Broadway to the south. The area’s favourable location ensures good transportation opportunities for the inhabitants of Hastings-Sunrise. There are very convenient bus links along Hastings to downtown Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, Port Coquitlam, and Coquitlam. Highway 1 enables quick access to North Vancouver and Burnaby within minutes.


Hastings Street 1945 by Wikimedia Commons
Hastings Street in 1945 by Wikimedia Commons

The past of Hastings-Sunrise is marked by two major features: the fact that part of the area served as a major port, as well as its the rise of Hastings as a popular recreational destination. Hastings was famous for its lovely beach strips and drew visitors to the Hastings Park horse racetrack. In 1910, the Pacific National Exhibition, a seasonal fair park, was opened, and it has continued to play an important role in the life of the community.

Although the development of the area was rather slow, Hastings-Sunrise claims to be home to Vancouver’s very first road, first post office, first hotel, and even its first telephone! Generally, the neighbourhood was often perceived as a working-class residential zone with a significant immigrant population (mostly of Italian origin). Most residents earned their living by working in the port.

Real Estate

The main feature of the real estate market in Hastings-Sunrise is single-family dwellings and, as one resident put it, it’s “full of stylish craftsman homes along calm, tree-lined streets.” Single detached houses and detached duplexes amount to more than 77 per cent of all homes in the area, and over 45 per cent of all dwellings were built before 1960. There are almost no multiple-stories buildings. Apartments can be almost exclusively found only in under-five-storey houses.

The average home price is $560,000, and the average gross rent is about $823; while 35.6 per cent of all dwellers decided to go for renting. It is also interesting to note that the average size of households exceeds the Vancouver numbers at three persons per household.

A great advantage of buying a home in Hastings-Sunrise is the fact that so far, the prices haven’t rocketed as highly as in other similar neighbourhoods that are currently undergoing a gentrification process.


Adanac Park

1025 Boudary Road

Opened from dawn to dusk, Adanac Park attracts people who like active recreation. The two playing fields great for a game of football are divided by a line of magnificent sequoia trees.

Burrard View Park

650 North Penticton Street

Burrard View Park by Matthew Grapengieser
Burrard View Park by Matthew Grapengieser

Burrard View Park earned its name for the spectacular views of the Burrard Inlet and the North Shore. The park also features a newly-restored St. James’ Cottage Hospice.

Clinton Park

2690 Grant Street

Stroll down the tree-lined alley or enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade of the benches. A wading pool, a playground, and playing fields are parts of the park too.

Hastings Community Park

Hastings Community Park is a welcoming park in close proximity to the Pacific National Exhibition. It’s one of the oldest parks in Vancouver, and the grand trees in the park are the greatest proof of its considerable history.

Hastings Park

2901 East Hastings

Pacific Coliseum in Hastings Park by Wikimedia Commons
Pacific Coliseum in Hastings Park
by Wikimedia Commons

Hastings Park is the biggest of all the Hastings-Sunrise parks. Besides ordinary park attractions, it features an Italian garden, Il Giardino Italiano, an extraordinary area full of fountains, gargoyles, and pear and grape plants. There’s also a sanctuary that serves as an excellent example of urban ecology, with its lush green areas and plenty of bird visitors. In addition, Empire Fields attracts all active residents who fancy a game of soccer or football with friends.

New Brighton Park

3201 New Brighton Road

New Brighton provides a welcoming space for outdoor activities for its numerous visitors. The area includes an outdoor pool for hot summer days.

Rupert Park

1600 Rupert Street

Stroll through Rupert Park and enjoy its wonderful open views or let your kids run around the grassy areas before eating your picnic lunch. Besides its numerous pitches and sports fields, the park features a golf course.


Summer Kick-Off

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Hastings Sunrise Summer Kick-off 2011

Summer Kick-Off is an annual community celebration organized to welcome the summer season in Hastings-Sunrise. Various activities held during the event include a street hockey tournament and a community fair.


Dickens Elementary

3351 Glen Drive

MacDonald Elementary

1950 East Hastings Street


727 Templeton Drive

St. Francis of Assisi

870 Victoria Drive


The main shopping street in the area is most certainly Hastings Street. The stores in here very much resemble the neighbourhood itself, offering a great variety of different price levels and cultures, from cheap import clothing to hip boutiques and stores. Such a diverse mix provides Hastings-Sunrise dwellers with an opportunity to hunt for awesome deals or enjoy one of the last spots in Vancouver that is not completely taken over by retail stores.

One of the major shopping spots is probably London Drugs, a huge store full of pharmacy items, electronics, housewares, and groceries. However, when looking for a place to buy the best food in the area, most people turn to Donald’s Market. Fresh groceries and other produce can be purchased here at good prices.

Eating Out

Sushi Nanaimo

350 Nanaimo Street

Sushi Nanaimo
Sushi Nanaimo

Great portions of delicious Japanese food at more than reasonable prices, and the service is just awesome. Try their King Tokatsu and you won’t be disappointed.

Press Box Vancouver Media-Lounge

2889 E Hastings Street

Press Box Vancouver Media-Lounge is known for its show-biz feel and cozy atmosphere of a little pub/restaurant with friendly staff and themed nights. The food comes fast and tastes great.

Ethical Bean

1315 Kootenay Street

Go organic crazy at Ethical Bean with their wide offer of coffee, doughnuts, and fresh soups. Situated in an office district, it is a great spot to stop by on your way to work.

Italia Bakery

2828 E Hastings Street

Italia Bakery
Italia Bakery

Probably the best Italian bakery in the area with great selection of foods. Try the tarts or the panatone to get your own idea of this place.

Bing Sheng

1800 Renfrew Street

Bing Sheng is a great place for all customers looking for some authentic Chinese cuisine. You will find no English on the menus, so get ready to guess from the pictures. The downside of the restaurant is that it often gets quite busy.

Community, Arts and Cultural Centres

Hastings Community Centre

3096 East Hastings Street

The Hastings Community Centre has served all ages and cultures of Hastings-Sunrise since 1934. The centre features a fitness centre, racquetball courts, a gymnasium, and a couple of multi-purpose rooms together with a family enrichment centre.

Other Notable Places

Pacific National Exhibition

Pacific National Exhibition by Wikimedia Commons
Pacific National Exhibition by Wikimedia

The PNE can be found at the heart of Hastings-Sunrise. It’s a historically important fairground with rides, arenas, and even a race track for horses. There’s even an annual 17-day summer fair held at the amusement park. These days, the PNE is undergoing a restoration and becoming more and more of a typical park, accessible all year long.

New Brighton Pool

New Brighton pool is the oldest public pool in Vancouver, established in 1936. It’s built in the area of former New Brighton Resort at the foot of Windermere Street.

Girl’s Industrial School

Girl’s Industrial School on Cassiar Street is a fine example of the Mission Revival style. With its symmetrical massing and entrance leading to an arched colonnade, the building is one of the few remaining pieces of this style in Vancouver.


You can take a look at the more detailed statistics on age groups, families or households in the report by City of Vancouver.

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