Grandview Woodland neighbourhood by Jmv
Grandview Woodland neighbourhood by Jmv

Grandview-Woodland is a bustling middle class community of great ethnic diversity and home to a creative mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Its convenient location near city hot spots with shops, restaurants, and entertainment makes it a perfect place to live. Sometimes people refer to it as Commercial Drive, named after one of the busiest streets in the neighbourhood.


The neighbourhood is located in a central part of the Vancouver area, mostly on the rise that provides Granville’s inhabitants with beautiful views of the Burrard Inlet. The official neighbourhood borders stretch along Clark Drive to the west and Nanaimo Street to the east, the shores of the Burrard Inlet to the North, and Broadway to the south. Granville-Woodland is also a vital transportation area, with several busy streets cutting through the neighbourhood, providing easy access to other parts of Vancouver. Translink buses are used especially often due to their dense grid of lines. The SkyTrain Millenium Line is accesible via VCC-Clark, and the Expo Line is accesible via Broadway Station.


The area of Grandview-Woodland was cleared just before the beginning of the 20th century, mostly by the owners of the local mill. However, it wasn’t until the construction of the Interurban train line that the community started to grow. The railway played an important role in luring the industry to the area, and the neighbourhood became an important transportation hub in developing Vancouver. After the WWII, Grandview-Woodland became a popular destination for immigrant families, including Italian, Chinese, and East European newcomers. That’s also where the neighbourhood’s old nickname, “Little Italy,” comes from. These days, the ethnic diversity of the area is projected into a variety of amazing ethnic restaurants and stores all around Grandview-Woodland.

Real Estate

Grandview House by JMV
Grandview House by JMV

Grandview-Woodland is characterized by a mix of residential buildings. About two thirds of all dwellings are low-rise apartment houses, followed by detached duplexes, single detached houses, and high-rise condos. There are also a couple of beautifully preserved large houses from the late 1890s and 1900s. The typical age of the buildings is slightly older than Vancouver’s average, as not so many houses here were constructed in the past couple of years. Here, 45.4 per cent of the neighbourhood’s inhabitants live alone, and the average size of a household approaches two persons. A relatively high number of people (66 per cent) live in rented dwellings with an average gross rent at $715.

A great positive of living in Grandview-Woodland is the fact that it has preserved its distinguished multicultural character and remains affordable compared to other similar neighbourhoods. Good accessibility to the city centre and excellent amenities in the area make it an ideal place for your future home.


Alice Townley Park

1775 Woodland Drive

This welcoming little park with a red brick path hosts a great variety of tree species. Why not explore them with your kids?

Garden Park

1851 Garden Drive

A wading pool for children is Garden Park’s specialty. Enjoy your moment to yourself sitting on the shaded bench while your kids play in the water.

Grandview Park

1657 Charles Street

A popular spot for community activities with a brand-new children’s playground. The sport court is especially suited for bike polo games, as the very first specialized spot in the city. Beautiful gardens and an extensive grassy area lined with grand maple trees make a perfect place for picnics.

McSpadden Park

2125 Victoria Drive

Take a leisurely stroll through the tree-lined alley and enjoy the wild colours of the well-kept community garden of McSpadden Park.

Mosaic Creek Park

1475 Charles Drive

Mosaic Creek Park by Wendy Cutler
Mosaic Creek Park by Wendy Cutler

Although Mosaic Creek Park is rather small in size, it’s full of interesting things to discover. Artists Glen Andersen and Kristine Germann ran workshops with more than 300 members of the community at the park location and decorated the park with a large number of beautiful mosaics. Furthermore, there are unusual designer wooden benches with texts scrolled into them scattered around the park, as well as a basalt pillar playground for kids. Mosaic Creek Park is certainly a must-see in Grandview-Woodland.

Pandora Park

2325 Franklin Street

Pandora Park is a popular place for athletes searching for a place for game of tennis or basketball. The grassy fields of the park are surrounded by old stone walls and ancient trees.

Templeton Park

700 Templeton Drive

Templeton Park features an indoor swimming pool, a running track, and even a softball pitch.

Victoria Park

1425 Victoria Drive

Victoria Park by Guilhem Vellut
Victoria Park by Guilhem Vellut

Originally known as Grandview Park, Victoria Park always buzzes with visitors. The park underwent a large reconstruction in 2008, which added new lightning, picnic tables, and a playground.


Commercial Drive by Guilhem Vellut
Commercial Drive by Guilhem Vellut

The commercial heart and the main attraction of all shopaholics of the area is Commercial Drive, unofficially known as “Little Italy” or “the Drive.” It’s full of little ethnic restaurants and character shops with unique atmospheres, making it a perfect place to hunt for unusual gifts. Explore the funky stores offering any kind of product you can imagine, from hemp products to hiking gear.

Eating Out

Seri Malaysia

2327 East Hastings Street

One of the most authentic and delicious Malaysian restaurants in Vancouver. Try their beef redang or roti canai to experience a taste of Asia.

El Barrio Restaurante Latino

2270 East Hastings Street

El Barrio Restaurante Latino
El Barrio Restaurante Latino

Great servers and casual atmosphere make this restaurant a great place to enjoy dinner with friends. Whether you try enchiladas or their fabulous fajitas, you can never go wrong.

Fratelli Bakery

1795 Commercial Drive

Satisfy your pastry fix in Fratelli Bakery. Their products are always fresh and delicious, and the enchanting smell of the bakery can be felt way before reaching the actual place.

Arriva Ristorante Italiano

1537 Commercial Drive

An Italian treasure on Commercial Drive! Furthermore, it’s a perfect place for a romantic date.

Continental Coffee

1806 Commercial Drive

Coffee enthusiasts in the neighbourhood know Continental Coffee as one of the places with true high-quality coffee. The place has been around since the ’70s and probably has the most passionate staff you could find.

Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

1279 East Hastings Street

Axum Ethiopian Restaurant
Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

The food is excellent and is eaten only with your hands! Try mushroom tibs or traditional injera with honey wine or choose from a great variety of featured meals.

Community, Arts and Cultural Centres

Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre

1977 Commercial Drive

The Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre focuses on providing crime prevention assistance and training to the Commercial Drive area. Safety awareness is enhanced via education and volunteer engagement.

Other Notable Places

Kermody Living Art Showroom

1889 Powel Street

Kermody Living Art Showroom
Kermody Living Art Showroom

A hip art gallery for living art for the home, featuring various configurations of plants and miniature gardens.

Doctor Vigari Gallery

1816 Commercial Drive

This beautiful art shop offers a wide range of sculptures, accessories, jewellery, and even tiles by local and international artisans.


You can take a look at the more detailed statistics on age groups, families or households in the report by City of Vancouver.

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