Business of the Month: Rosemary Rocksalt

rosemary rocksalt
Rosemary Rocksalt's cozy interior (Google Images)

Location: 2515 Main St., Vancouver. (Main & Broadway)
Phone: (604) 874-4570

Who doesn’t love a good bagel? Vancouver is no stranger to good bagels - there are a few shops around that are a step up from what you’ll find at Tim Hortons. Solly’s Bagelry has a few locations (Yukon and 7th, Main and King Ed, Broadway and MacDonald), and Seigel’s Bagels in Kitsilano Point is pretty good too. Well, Seigel’s sister, Rosemary Rocksalt, opened a few years ago in North Vancouver, and I’m happy to see a second location opened up on main street a few months ago.

It’s a cute and cozy little shop - you can step inside and leave the bustle of Main and Broadway behind. There is space to sit and work, or simply grab a coffee and a snack and head out. They brew 49th Parallel coffee, so you’re assured of a decent cup of coffee, and in addition to bagels, they also have a variety of pastry options, including a truly delectable bagel shaped pastry full of cheese. Perhaps not the healthiest choice, but close to the tastiest one.

One of the best features (for me) was the flow chart at the back of the shop.

rocksalt board
The helpful guide to choosing a snack at Rosemary Rocksalt. (Google Images)

Creatively designed, and incredibly informative, it helped me select a classic lox and cream cheese sandwich, but on a the Rosemary Rocksalt bagel. It was fantastic. While the sandwiches aren’t cheap (they range in price from $8 to $10), they make up for it in flavour. And, while you’re in store, you can pick up a dozen of yesterdays bagels for only $6.75. What’s not to like about that?

I’d definitely recommend stopping in on your next shopping trip down beautiful Main Street - a delicious snack that supports local business!  

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