Grouse Grind Guide

Grouse Grind Basic Facts & History [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re fit enough and you want to maximize your workout in a minimal amount of time with an added dash of mouther nature (and you happen to be in Vancouver), there’s no better choice than the Grouse Grind. Vancouver’s most popular hike is a steep trail leading straight up Grouse Mountain that climbs more than 850 metres over a distance of 2.9 kilometres. This vertical ascent, also known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster,“ was originally set up by local mountaineers as a handy off-season workout. After a short period of time, the Grouse Grind has become the most used trail in Vancouver. Read more.

The Step by Step Grouse Grind Guide

Even though the Grouse Grind is flooded with steady streams of hikers from its opening hour until closing, it’s still one of the best trails you can hike in Vancouver. Mother Nature’s Stairmaster is mostly recognized as a workout since the trail offers few viewpoints and it consists mainly of stairs. Nevertheless the route is an important part of Vancouver that attracts lots of experienced hiking enthusiasts as well as rookies. Read more.

Grouse Grind Events

The Grouse Grind is a lively trail that attracts more than 100,000 hikers per season. Of course, Mother Nature’s Stairmaster is a beautiful place and a perfect workout trail, however that’s not the only reason for its popularity. Grouse Grinders are a community of active people who organize various interesting events at the Grouse Grind. Read more.

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